Sunday, 1 March 2009

Another in box gift..

Yes the lovely Ron over at Troubled Ramblings has been busy again! This time drawing my little guy!
And for those of you who are new here is the original, taken when David started back to school last September..
as always i am in awe of Ron's' talent! And bless his heart, he as assured Rae that he will do hers too...which means i will have 3 great drawings of the kids on my wall!! How lucky am i? I really am totally choked that he would take the time to draw my three scrummies!

Ron, thank you. I am really grateful and extremely humbled by your generosity.


Fly Girl said...

What a special gift! Lucky you to have these amazing drawings. Ron is so talented... I'm always amazed at how perfectly he captures the physical traits and spirit!


Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

That is a very special gift! How wonderful! He really is very talented!

Sparkles said...

Wow, those pictures are fantastic!! I want some tooooooo
He is soo talented, how did u meet him? Ask him to get in contact with me, and i would love for him to draw my children, i would pay him of course!!!

Shasta said...

He's really good and so nice that he drew these for you! They're fabulous!


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