Monday, 30 March 2009

I ♥ faces....

Ok there are two categories this week..pets and pouting....

Here is my pouting entry, David when he was small, he was begging for the camera!!:

and here is my pet entry! Hobbes drinking the tapwater from the bath!!
(i promise i was not on the toilet to take this, nor do i take my camera to the bathroom with me..
i did however sprint down the stairs to get said camera, praying like mad he would not move!)

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Bugsy Malone in pics!

{Please excuse some of the blurry pics, i had my ISO settings up at 1600 as i was not allowed to use flash photography..just grateful in this day and age i was allowed to take photos!}

Becky singing the intro song.

Becky the dancing girl!

Rachel the waitress.

Rachel singing her solo.

Becky and the dancing girls with Bugsy!


Both the girls on stage together at same time!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Rachel Singing...

Since I will be taking pics tonight, asI am rubbish at videoing I recorded Rachel singing her Bugsy audition song...and the cute American accent, which I think is pretty good since we have never been there!! Please don't judge her too harshly on it! oh and one more thing.....{Excuse my awful voice in the back!!}

The sweetest phone call ever!

My two darling daughters are in the school show of Bugsy Malone. Before last nights performance the head of drama rang, one of the girls was ill and could Rae step in and do her part? WOW could she! The girl was over the moon to be asked! So 2 parts went up to three! They ran round getting her a costume, she ran round learning the solo song and i watched in awe! LOL
I am seeing the show tonight but my friend and her daughter saw it last night, i know this because my she {my friend} phoned me at the interval to tell me:

"how amazing my girlies were and how great they could act and sing. That Rachel did amazingly well and how absolutely stunning Rebecca looked! And that they had made her night!"

SO i am really excited about going tonight, and yes everyone..I AM TAKING MY CAMERA!! woohoo! I am super proud before i even start!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

6 of 52

I'm participating in what I think is a really great weekly challenge hosted by Carin at Forever in Blue Jeans. It seems like us Mums spend an awful lot of time behind the camera. The idea of this challenge is forMum's to get on the other side of the camera in at least one photo a week.

And this week i managed to get us all, including David with his tongue out! LOL One day i will get a great shot of all of us, smiling at the same time! hahaha.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Pre Op and Extreme socks!?

Okay weird title?? Well it is, that was my day..weird!
I had my pre op - the nurse liked me enough to give me her email address and direct phone number at the hospital, because we live fairly far away (i thought we lived close but apparently not!), and if i need her after the op Rich can email or call her direct for advice! WOW how cool is that?
I am "normal" too..she must have seen some real whack jobs today if i am considered normal! haha.
As far as the op goes it will all be a surprise! They may do..nothing..just look around, find not much and come out or they may do a full hysterectomy {other end of scale} or anything in between. I am okay with that if i am honest. I'd rather they find something than nothing to explain the pain but i'll go with the flow..not too much choice when i'm sedated is there really?? LOL

David did a speech at school today and scored 38 out of 40 which is fantastic for a boy who hates being in the spotlight. Go David.

Becky got told off at school, wait for it..because her socks are long. Yes you read it right! Apparently they are "extreme" and show a lack of conformity. Excuse me?? Apparently children should not stand out so much at school, they should conform so she has been banned from wearing her skirt. Now if her socks were rainbow coloured..i might agree. If she hadn't lost so much weight she looks downright awful in her school trousers i might agree..but when she looks quite sweet in her navy skirt and socks i am putting up a fight! Oh and if she had not been wearing the socks since September {not the same pair we do wash them!} then i might agree! But when my baby girl who has legs that make Bambi look chubby chooses these socks...

I am happy to let her wear them, and will fight her corner when she is told she is too extreme! I am meeting her head of year tomorrow after school to discuss this and other issues such as her health and tiredness. I am not cross about this..bewildered perhaps and even a little bemused..and if i am honest i am a lot amused!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Please Pray for Stellan.

You know him...MckMamas baby boy..the one that is SOOO cute, you know this one...

Well this little guy is really sick, in hospital. He needs our prayers and love right now. So do his Mom and Dad and big brothers and sister. Please think of them all. You can see MckMamas blog here MY CHARMING KIDS. Please go and see them, leave some love. They need us right now...and i know i'd want love and prayers if it were me!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mothers Day {UK!!}

Yes indeed it is Mothers Day over here in the UK! What a lovely day it is too. The sun is streaming through the house {showing all the dust and hand prints on the windows}. I was woken by my three wonderful children, one carrying a card, one bringing breakfast in bed and one had been out in the garden and handpicked some daffodils for me! They are also buying me a DVD but it is not released until tomorrow.
I am about to take the girls to school for a Bugsy rehearsal, Rich is off to work so David and i will just be hanging out and watching some t.v.
So to all the UK Mums out there - Happy Mothers Day to you all.x

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Update on Becky and some cute pics...

Well i spoke with our family Dr yesterday about Becky and what we do next with her and he is referring her to the local hospital, paediatricians department for further investigations. I am pleased with this as i would love for her to be less lethargic and more able to do the things she really wants to do!

I spent yesterday afternoon taking photos of my friends baby girl...isn't she scrummy..

Don't forget my CAPTION CONTEST you can see it HERE

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Caption Contest..

ok ok i know i'm pushing my luck here because so many folk run these, but i love the following photo of my two youngest {see below}. They were messing about when we went to Petersfield Heath last Sunday after Bex took her drama exam.

So what do you think is happening???

{I may offer a small prize for the one that makes me laugh the most!}

5 of 52.

This is my dear son and myself having a good night kiss. I love nothing more than the sweet smell of the kids when they have bathed and p.j'd and are ready for slumber. So i used a few effects to make this look how i wanted but i am in it with him so it's ok..right? :)

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A 3 in 1 post!

**Update to below... Becky got a DISTINCTION in her drama exam - 89%*** Very proud :D

Cheap shot title i know but I'm going to be posting about the 3 kids in one post!!
So where to begin really,
Rae and Becky are doing well at school, rehearsing for Bugsy Malone (school show) most evenings!
Rae just had her braces colour changed again this time a lovely jade green colour that i L♥ve!

Becky is full of flu, but is maintaining her weight at last! Back to the Doctor soon to see where we go with her next as coeliac has been ruled OUT! Much to my relief!
She took her graded drama exam at the weekend, we should get the results this evening.(will post when i have them!!)

And David has been doing well in school too. He continues to just trundle through life at his own pace with his own agenda! Here he was this morning ready for school, they were having Roman Day so you guessed it he dressed as a Roman Soldier!!And that as they say is that!!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Too much pressure.

So i have had my first week in my new job. You know what? I love it! It's relaxed, it's not run with a military precision with all the expectations of children achieving because the paper work says they have to. It's FUN. We don't expect, we don't push to achieve..we PLAY, a lot!
So i got to thinking (seriously dangerous for me!) about all the pressure put on child care workers and preschool teachers to make sure these little children achieve set goals before or at a certain age. It infuriates me so much.
Example -

1. A Mother keeps her child at home for the first 5 years of life. No expectations from Ofsted or anyone else. They child is loved, happy and confident and can DO lots of things.

2. A child goes to nursery at 3 years of age, they are assigned a "key worker" who is their primary carer in the setting and who watches said child like a hawk, logging all the things the child can do and encouraging the things that the child is not ready to do, so that they are eventually all done before the child starts school. All ticks in boxes. Ofsted happy.

3. Full day care children are like the nursery children but they are watched from approx 4 months until 5 years. With expectations to achieve everything in the the boxes before they leave. It's the same within the setting of a child minder. All ticks in boxes again Ofsted happy.

Now i have NO problem with any of the settings above, be the children at nursery, full day care or with a child minder but why oh why are we putting so much on these little people to be able to do so much before they begin school.
Surely the joys of being a child are just that? Being a child.

Did it not occur to anyone that each child IS an INDIVIDUAL and WILL progress at an individual pace? They wont all walk at the same time, or talk in sentences or write their names so why are they all being "assessed" from the same criteria?

I really feel that children who stay home, who play with Mummy, bake with and watch Mummy do chores and play with their toys as and how they like probably learn more, are probably happier and from my experience get on better when they begin school.
Sure as parents we like to see how the children are progressing but I'd rather hear the words polite, happy, helpful, fun than be told..has learned to..can now....should now be...

Maybe i am just really old fashioned? What do you guys think?
For the record mine all went to nursery...all 3 of them....but not till they were 31/2 years and I never expected of them. I sent them there to be social and to give them a break from me!!
Is this the same in your country? I think the UK are doing paper work for paper works sake!

(ofsted is our child setting / schools governing body in the UK)

Thursday, 12 March 2009

4/52 Mum is missing.

I'm participating in what I think is a really great weekly challenge hosted by Carin at Forever in Blue Jeans. It seems like us Mums spend an awful lot of time behind the camera. The idea of this challenge is forMum's to get on the other side of the camera in at least one photo a week.

So this week it is Becky and myself again! This is a self portrait taken one evening tis week and i just love it!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The New Girl

Yes today i was the new girl at work. Yipee! I started my new job and i LOVE it, T, who i work with, is just great, i honestly think we will have a laugh together as well as a great working relationship. Good vibes bouncing round the room!

Went to Bex parent teacher meetings..WOW I am seriously impressed with the girl :) She is above average for everything..needs to slow down a bit with writing in foreign languages..wonderful at Drama and well above average in Music! haha! Science and Religious Education she is starting her GCSE's a year early, so i am a very proud Mum right now. Keep it up kid.

Have a great day all. I am!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tagged...better late then never!

I was tagged while in hospital..honestly!! The ever so lovely Leah at A Silly Little Sparrow tagged me in secret while i was on my sick bed! he he.

Ok rules are...

6 Weird things about me!! (only 6? !!) and if you wish to tag yourself..go ahead :)

Ok so here goes:
  1. My mouth is slightly lopsided to the right..thanks Mum!
  2. I have no sense of feeling on the second toe of my left foot. It's never been broken or injured..i just cannot feel it!
  3. I can't sing for toffee but i do like to try ;)
  4. I'm one of the most tolerant intolerant people my husband knows!
  5. I can curl the left side of my top lip upwards whilst simultaneously curling the right side of my bottom lip downwards!
  6. I used to be able to put a condom up my nose and out of my mouth! I know really gross!

Monday, 9 March 2009

I ♥ faces....

This weeks theme is creative cropping and here is my "shot" at it...

the original (taken at a friends house recently):
the cropped version(and edited!!)

Not me Monday!

Welcome to not me Monday, the place where we mere mortals
face up to things we have or have not done during the past week!!
This is the brain child of MckMama over at
My Charming Kids

So the past week, hows it been round here? Well I certainly DID not get a shock when i ended up in Hospital for two days. I did not get upset to hear an ovarian cyst had burst but it was ok..i had several others on the other side!
I did not go to bed on Friday at 5pm to surface on Saturday at 10pm, only to return to bed until Sunday at 4pm! I was not suffering with a viral throat and ear infection..I was not lucky enough to have two separate illnesses in a matter of days!
I did NOT pass it on to eldest child who is not now in her bed. I did not also wake this morning with a cold sore on my mouth that looks like i am growing another head!
I did not hate last week at all even a little bit...I DO NOT pray that this week is better!! hahaha.

So how was your week? What didn't you do?

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sick still or again?

You got it! I went to bed a t 5pm on Friday...surfaced on Sat at 10pm...sore throat and ears, you know the one. You can't eat, hurts to speak, move or drink.
Seems not only did a cyst burst but now i have a viral infection so i should be better in 3 -6 days! What?! 3 - 6 days? Haven't i suffered enough this week? So i am here to quickly say i've not forgotten you all..i just feel like death warmed up right now! Watch this space i will be back :)

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Mums Missing 3/52, a pay it forward surprise and Rae's drawing.

Forever In Blue Jeans

I'm participating in what I think is a really great weekly challenge hosted by Carin at Forever in Blue Jeans. It seems like us Mums spend an awful lot of time behind the camera. The idea of this challenge is forMum's to get on the other side of the camera in at least one photo a week.

Since i have spent most of this week in hospital being ill i was unable to get a pic of myself with one/two or all of the kids so i am using my absolute favourite one from when they were younger..I know it's a cheat but i have a valid excuse....and i am sure you will like it as much as i do:

I also got a parcel in the post today. I wasn't expecting anything, no birthdays or anniversaries coming up. So i was really curious as to what it could be....
Oh my I was so surprised and excited when i got it....Yes indeed it was my "pay it forward" surprise from Shauna over at Trying to Stay Calm. She sent all these goodies to me just for being first to reply to pay it forward post on her blog and running my own on my blog! Isn't she a sweety?
Oh and Ron over at Troubled Ramblings has been at it again too, here is Rae (he says he isn't too keen on this one..but i l♥ve it!):
So while it wasn't my best week health wise...I am so so grateful for the lovely friends i have...especially my blogging ones who made me feel so special at a time when i have been feeling so poorly. Thank you everyone.
I have also been tagged by Leah at A Silly Little Sparrow and am promising to take part probably tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow i will be getting Becky's Coeliac results tomorrow too. It's all fun here you know!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Hi all, i am currently playing catch up. PLease do not think i have been ignoring you all. I spent the last two days in hospital. My cyst on my ovary burst! Yeah i know, NICE!!
I am home and i am now dealing in pain management! So if you tagged/e mailed/ or threw me a question i will get back to you as soon as i am fully able to concentrate.xx

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Something I haven't done in a long time..

I sat and played with my photoshop programme, using a digital scrapbooking kit called Funky Love designed by "stolen moments". I managed to create two pages, one of each of the girls.
It was a pleasant way to spend some time and i am happy with the results :)

Another in box gift..

Yes the lovely Ron over at Troubled Ramblings has been busy again! This time drawing my little guy!
And for those of you who are new here is the original, taken when David started back to school last September..
as always i am in awe of Ron's' talent! And bless his heart, he as assured Rae that he will do hers too...which means i will have 3 great drawings of the kids on my wall!! How lucky am i? I really am totally choked that he would take the time to draw my three scrummies!

Ron, thank you. I am really grateful and extremely humbled by your generosity.


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