Saturday, 27 September 2008

Standing up for what is right is not a crime!

Well i am calm enough to post today! I have had a hissy fit in the confines of my bedroom! I have shed a few tears in anger and at the thought of my poor 11 year old being given a label that is so for off the mark it's not funny!

I shall start at the beginning!

Bex started senior school knowing 3 people - B, K and M.
She is in the same tutor base and K and M. K is her best mate! M is a boy she neither likes
nor dislikes. B is not in their tutor but is friends with M.

K and B get the bus together and had a misunderstanding about where to sit!! So B and M start picking on her - little snipes and niggles but nothing she couldn't cope with.
When M started pulling on K's bag and hurting her by pulling hair and twisting arms Bex stepped up and told him to back off and leave K alone! So like any bully worth their salt they also decided Bex was now fair game!
Unfortunately they did not bank on the fact that Bex does tell me everything and this includes the bad stuff!
So i left it a few days after all these things do blow over, sometimes! However when K's mum (my very close friend) got a call from the school nurse saying that K had been there every day claiming to be ill, we all wanted to know why! She told us it was to escape B and M picking on her. This is when Bex said that M had been pulling her hair and twisting her arms. So we separately rang the school. We wanted it sorted!

The tutor agreed to sort it. Nothing happened.

The head of year agreed to sort it -M thought it was funny and continued to harass the girls.

The deputy head of the school sorted it! We finally thought it was over!

So when B found out they were in trouble she all of a sudden became quite "ill" and had to go home! Shocker huh!
She went back after a couple of days and got her stern talking to and punishment handed to her.
And again went to the nurse ill!

The nurse (in all her wisdom - or lack of) calls Bex, K and M into her office with B and tries to sort it out and make them all be friends!
(Bex and K had stated they did not wish to be friends but just wanted to be left alone, I am happy to leave it like that, she wont be friends with every person she ever meets in life!)
So when B tried to pin all the blame on Bex my girl told her "You are lying, i know it, you know it, so tell the truth or shut up!!"
The nurse has now decided that my daughter, who stands up for friends and what she believes to be right, needs anger management!

I saw red!! After Bex and K told me all this i was the one needing anger management! I was fizzing!

An 11 year old girl who can stand and say - "you are lying" without hitting anyone or crying for the sympathy vote, who is a fierce friend and ally does NOT need anger management. She needs praise in my book!

As i am far too close to this to be rational i'm sending Papa bear to school on Monday to re-educate them on our Daughter! How can the same school get it so right with one child and not another from the same family?

Am i right to be cross that the nurse interfered? Or am i not seeing the whole picture..have i missed something?
If one of my kids was a bully i would come down on them like a ton of bricks..but when they are guilty of being a good friend i will back them all the way!

Bex and K!! BFF!

*thanks for letting me vent - sorry to bore you all!*

Friday, 26 September 2008

Will 24 hours make a difference?

I am going to have to think long and very hard about my next post!
It's a bullying / resloving/ interfering kinda post with less of a twist but more an acute angle. Right now I am a cross, ANGRY, upset Mamma and i'm quite ready to tear heads off bodies and hurt some people who have dared to hurt one of my babies. So please stick with me while i gather my thoughts and try to calm down, be rational and post a fair recount of events this past week!!

*Please Lord - one peaceful, non-eventful's all i ask!*

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Rugby, Singing and Drama!

OK i know only two of them go together! I have to mention all of them though!
Rachel is hoping to be taken to Lake Garda in Italy next year for the school gifted singers choir! She is delighted! She is also auditioning for the school show of Bugsy malone - as is Bex. The same Bex who starts rehearsals for The Wizard of Oz this Sunday 10am till 4.30pm every Sunday till Christmas when she goes the theatre in Guildford to do the show! Tickets are booked ;)
Bex also played Rugby today for the school and was asked if she can stay till 4.30 as it will improve her game and help her get a place on the girls first team :) She is delighted with this news - and cannot wait till next Thursday to practise again!
So not only are my weekday evenings busy but now i lose 2 hours on Sundays driving her to and from Guildford so Bex can dance and act and do her thing! Good job she is good at what she does and will hopefully one day be able to pay for me to be in a really nice home!!!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

She is the darndest kid!!

Which one? Oh Becky of course!!
I am the kind of Mum that bats for her corner all the way. So why oh why does she insist on being the reason for my grey hair? She will put me in an early grave i swear!!
This evening as i am helping with the homework (a chore she hates and cannot understand why she has to do it), and trying to make it painless. I look across at her and ask
"Why did William win the battle of hastings?"
"Because Prince Harold suuuuuuucked!" was her reply!!
So we are done with homework and all French european words are memorised, DT is done as is History. She looks at me and says
"Mum, can you have a word with my Religious Ed teacher?"
"Why whats up?" I ask totally unsuspectingly (more fool me!!)
"Well she asked what we wanted to be when we grow up and would it have perspective."
"and you said?" I ask (still totally impartial and ready to offer any help i can!).
"I want to be a CATERPILLAR and YES it will have perspective because some people wont want me to eat their plants!, My teacher sent me outside after that!"

So i would like to opt out of parent teacher night for her this year, I am scared what they may say!LOL. On another note though, Rachel has been invited to sing with the school choir at Salisbury Cathedral on Oct 11th to celebrate their 750th anniversary! Very cool!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

New look!

Well i have gone for the Autumn theme on the blog! Hope it doesn't confuse too many folk! LOL. We are taking David laser questing shortly for his birthday treat followed by pizza hut! Sould be a lot of fun. Am taking the camera, I hope all the politically correct brigade don't stop me using it! Grrr! So i will add more later when we return!!

Kids in their get up!!!(it was pitch black!)
Pizza hut...
Rae had a HUGE salad!

David had his very own pizza!
Becky tried eating a jalapeno chilli!! ROFL

And he had an Ice Cream mountain (make it yourself!)!

Friday, 19 September 2008

I'm exhausted!

Ok so this week school is back into full swing for the girls with after school activities going on all over the place!!
School finishes at 3pm they do clubs till 4pm! School starts at 8.45am and we live 10 miles away l so we (youngest and I) have a lot of hanging out at the park after school!!

Rae's clubs are:
- Mon - Drama, Tues - Choir, Thurs - alternate weeks of Gifted singers and Jazz Band, Fri - Orchestra.

Bex's are:
- Tues - Dance, Weds - Football, Thurs - Rugby, Fri - X Country.
Bex also has Drama on a Weds from 6.30pm - 8pm and Sunday from 10am - 13.30pm.

They all swim on Friday night at 5.30pm.

Just reading all that makes me tired!

Tonight Becca ran 5 miles with the x country club! Rachel is going to Italy with the young and gifted singers choir in July next year!
And me? Well i get to do the driving and cheering on and pushing David on the swings! But you know what? I wouldn't change a thing! It is just wonderful to see them both doing the things they enjoy and taking a really active part in school life :)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Little Guy is 9!

So today is the last day i will have a child in single figures! Yep the little guy turned 9! And what a day its been!!
He woke at 6am (quite a decent time really when i think how excited he has been!!) and opened his presents!
I collected him from school to be told...
"I answered a question RIGHT today and got sent out!" (i am slightly perplexed but anything is possible so i go ahead and "ask"..)
"Oh ok, so what was the question??"
"What do girls use more than boys?" (With a due sense of fear and dread i ask..)
"What was your answer, baby?"
He smiles at me like only a 9 year old, youngest of 3, only boy can and said
While i feel he was correct i explained whilst stiffling much laughter that it was not an entirely appropriate answer ...but was the correct answer??
"Well Mum it was really boooring...... Hair Straighteners...I like my answer better!"
I had to laugh bless him! Welcome to being 9!
Still upon meeting his teacher i was pleased to hear that David is well and trully one of the gang, he has a reading age of 11.6 years and works well in class, can be talkative but "is just a nromal kid!" I am so proud of him! Mr.W thinks that David is a delight to have and he is doing really well.
So we get home to more parcels and cards!
He had quite a haul! Even got the new Man Utd 40th Anniversary shirt that only came into the shops yesterday!! Lots of star wars lago, and mp3 player, warhammer (from Uncle Lee..the GOD!!), notebooks, pens, more, gift vouchers....dressing gown and two new horrid henry books!

the warhammer tank thing (i know all the names LOL)

The Man Utd Shirt!

Reading the cards!

The Dressing Gown!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Return of normality and a family truce!

OK OK i have been really slack lately! But i have been doing my own studies, working, assisting with homework, listening intently to Davids hourly birthday wish list updates and the household chores!
The first week back at school has nearly come to an end. All 3 kids are really happy and are doing well!
Becky is getting merits left right and centre from her new school. Rachel is having an audtion for the gifted singers choir at school. And David..well he surprised me the most! This time last year i was told that he had the reading age of a 5 year old....he worked really hard last year..he must have! His teacher tested him this week and now a week shy of being 9 he is a free reader! He can read any book in the school library and is off the reading programme! I am so proud of him! His current book is by Sandy Toksvig, called Hitlers Canary. He is really enjoying it!

And to top it all off, when i thought my youngest two would be fighting each other for years to come..a truce has arrived! No words needed.... If Becky bends down to his level to talk to him...this is what she gets.....

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Back to school blues!

So the kids are back to school. Well two of them are anyway! I took these photo's for the grandparents!! Rachel hates hers but i think that is her age! The last one of David is "the hair" and how it was when he left this morning!
I am sure i am one of the only parents that hates seeing them go back to school! It hasn't helped that the youngest two started new schools today.
I watched Becca walk away with her friend, off up the hill and can admit i had a small tear in the eye, i was not too bad as i knew she had a friend and is the sort of kid to just get on with it..and if i am really lucky she wont have let her mouth get her a detention on day one!
David was another story! He is a fairly quiet little man and will watch for a while before making judgements on who he might like to have as a friend. He is reserved and insular at times. So i waited with him. He seemed tiny again. And i really felt my heart strings pulling as a waited with him. I went over where i would meet him and where to look for me. Then before he went inide i asked if he wanted me to kiss him (sometimes it's just NOT cool, i get that!) and he looked up at me with his huge brown eyes and said "yes please Mum"...four paces later my poor friend is handing me a tissue from the same pack she had used when we watched the girls go off!
I couldn't look back to see him..if he saw me crying he'd get upset, so my poor mate had to give a running commentary on how he lined up and went inside and that he was okay!
So now i am looking forward to 5 past i can collect him, hold his hand and ask how his day was. And tonight we bake and my boy. Becca will be on msn with her buddies like usual.
So please 3pm come fast cos i want my kids back!


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