Saturday, 31 May 2008

Dads birthday!

I haven't had chance to pop the photos of my Dad's birthday up here yet, so i thought today was as good as any! The day i found out my hand was broken was the day we went to see Dad, Mum and my brother and his family. It's been ages since we were all together so i was a bit upset at not being able to use my camera (cast and sling put pay to that!), but thanks to Becky, my sis in law, who took some for me!
Jack and Elouise help Grandad.

David helps Grandad.

Andy and Becky.



Rachel and Elouise have a cuddle!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Aagh i have been tagged!!

Thanks to one of the greatest people i ever met online Lee (blissful pixel) i have been tagged!!

Here are the rules:
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  1. After 13 years being married - i still tell Rich i love him - about 20 times a day!!
  2. I hate feet - especially mine, and any thought of them being touched!!
  3. Everything i do, i put everything into all the time!
  4. I grew up in Germany and HATE living in England!
  5. I love Liver and Onion ( only when Rich makes it!!)
  6. I love a good party!!
  7. I have two tatoos!
I am tagging : Steph, Darwin , The Coach, Cheryl, Jen, Lise-Lotte, Aussie- Caz......sorry guys!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Broke my hand!!

Yes, i fell on the stairs and managed to break my hand!! To top it all it's my left hand..and yep you guessed it - i am left handed!!
An xray of the bone!
I managed to keep it iced for 24 hours before i had enough and went to A & E where they promptly plastered it!! I never realised how much i rely on my hand! I know i use it a lot but it's the sily little things - brushing my teeth and hair! Eating, especially with a spoon. All the daft little wrist movements that you don't know you are doing! And i could be stuck like this for 2 - 6 weeks!!
I have a back slab plaster on at the moment, i have to go get a full cast this week!! The kids are trying to get me to pick their favourite colours for the cast too! New family game!! LOL

Sunday, 18 May 2008

End of year tests and SAT's!!

Well my two girlies have now finished a week of tests and exams for the end of year!
Rachels results will be out with her school report next month and i am not worried about them at all!
Becky just finished a week of SAT tests. She amazed me this week. I expected a bit of stressy attitude from her, i got none! She was perfectly happy to go into school early with the other year 6 children as the teachers had arranged a period of dance for the kids to help them relax and unwind before setting to the tasks in hand! So huge thanks to the school for that - she loved it!
I have no worries about her results, she has worked really hard and is expecting above average results ready for senior school in Sept!
So this week they will probably do some fun stuff before the half term break.
Then it is only 7 or 8 weeks until the summer holidays! Scary!
So if we are in Oz all the kids will be starting afresh and if not, then they will all be at school in Alton and we will have moved house (i hope!).

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Well since we have not heard from the visa people "yet".. we are looking at an "instead of" change! Since both girls will be in school in Alton which is 13 miles or so away we decided it might be a better idea to move there if we don't go to Oz! So i rang a school today with a view to putting David in there in Sept. I spoke to a really nice lady who is going to arrange a visit for me and a day there fro David! Very cool!

My eye is currently a bright shade of yellow after the Dr. put a dye in it to see why i keep getting conjunctivitis!! I need to swab it in the morning and stay off work (such a hardship!! haha)

And speaking of work. Well after two weeks without the poisoned dwarf...she sure let us know she is back god dammit!
There are 3 of us that do planning for our 13 kids - two of us share 7 and one has 6 to herself as she is full time and us others job share (with a 2 hour overlap, so we do see each other)!
We planned for this week on Monday as we did not get time out to do it last week.
We decided to give all the kids the same tasks for the week as it was based on something they are all into. So "P.D" decides to question me about why its the same for all of them! I told her why. Then she seperately asks the other two the same thing, probably to see if our stories all match up!!! What is her problem? They will all learn something from it even if they don't learn the same thing! Grrr.
Then to top it off, today during the kids rest time she pops into the room where we have the kids that don't sleep and are chatting to them and playing games, to tell us one of the kids has been awake for 10 minutes and has been waking all the others up! AAAaaaagh why o why did she not tell us sooner or go and collect the child that was awake? No, thats too easy, instead she tells us and gives us a look of disgust that we didn't hear the child!! I could honestly just slap her at times! She sure gives truth to the saying "all brains and no common sense!" So much for being part of a team!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Summers Here!

Well we spent yesterday with Andy and Sue, we had our first B-B-Q of the season and took the kids to the beach! I took loads of pics and sat down tonight to make this page of Rebecca in the sea and on the beach. I am so pleased with the way it turned out! I used papers from Lee Scott (Blissful Pixel) and blended the photos in!
I was just a wonderful way to spend the day. So relaxed and chilled out. The kids seem to get on really well too when we are out, no bickering at all!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Goings on!

Well been a fairly quiet week this week. The kids are dong well in their respective schools and activities!
Rachel is getting ready to sit her Grade 3 Flute, Grade 4 Saxophone and Stage 1 Singing exams.
Rebecca just got her Trinity exam results and certificate back. She is a level 5 now - 2 years ahead of where she should be! She has her SAT's this week and is not too happy about it!!
And David has moved up another level in his swimming! Wow his face was a picture when he was told!! Bless him, he works so hard at swimming so he really has earned it!

I am having a few issues at work with an overqualified no common sense plonker!! She just lives in this lovely place where all kids under the age of 5 have read and will do everything by the book!! She has no kids of her own and is just soooo clueless! And as far as people skills go...grrrr she has none at all. I am a 30 something adult, and this jumped up little "£$%$£^%^ speaks to and treats me like i am 5 years old! I appreciate she wants things done "her" way. She has stated that. She has issued a "timetable" of how the day is to be run which for the most part i can agree with. However i do not regularly need or appreciate being asked if it is being followed and activities being done. THEY ARE! (unless something better comes up - like a day at the park with the kids!!) Sure she is the Stage leader i can live with that - she has the certificates that warrant her post BUT she does not seem to have ANY faith in her team for carrying out day to day tasks, and that really bothers me.
The really bad thing is that she has had almost 2 weeks off and is back this week. So she will be checking up on everything we have or have not done...and i resent the hell out of that.
Still i have to put up with it till i know for sure whether or not we are moving to Australia!! I do after all want a good reference!! aaagh!

Monday, 5 May 2008

May Day Bank Holiday ..

As you can see i am back with Blogger... my other blog got hacked! LOL unbelievable! Someone decided to be me and post things i wasnt to happy to have in there! Still i live and learn! Somethings are better off staing the same. So i came back here. Only thing i am cross about is all the links and posts i lost :(. Grrr!

Well my poor hubby was working is always the way it seems, when i take the kids to see my family in Brighton. It is my Niece's birthday today, shes is the ripe old age of 3!! So we spent what could be the last birthday in the UK with her. Rich and I are still waiting to hear about our visa...we are desperate to take the kids out of England and raise them in a better place, so we are hoping to be heading for Australia! We are so excited, but trying really hard to keep it in check in case it all goes horribly wrong!! We just want to get there! The kids are all looking forward to it which make a big move like that so much easier!!

Here are some photos of today:





Nanny and Elouise


Blowing out the candles!!


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