Sunday, 29 March 2009

Bugsy Malone in pics!

{Please excuse some of the blurry pics, i had my ISO settings up at 1600 as i was not allowed to use flash photography..just grateful in this day and age i was allowed to take photos!}

Becky singing the intro song.

Becky the dancing girl!

Rachel the waitress.

Rachel singing her solo.

Becky and the dancing girls with Bugsy!


Both the girls on stage together at same time!


Ron said...

wowser .. you can even see the mama-pride in the pics .. lol

good job girls

miruspeg said...

Wow I wish I could have been there to enjoy their performance. The photos are spectacular Gill.

What talented kids you have.


Leah said...

Holy Cow! I've been missing out. Hadn't been by your blog in a bit. Your daughters look and sound amazing! You should be a proud momma! Did I ever tell you that I almost named my daughter Rachel? (ending up naming her after my mother in law who passed away unexpectedly)
We went to a high school performance last weekend. Grease. It was fantastic. Bravo to your family!

Octamom said...

Were you just so proud that you could have busted?!? They are gorgeous!


Boy Mom said...

Those girls of yours are so beautiful, I would have cried my eyes off. I'm crying a bit for you right now. So fun to see them discover their potential.


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