Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sick still or again?

You got it! I went to bed a t 5pm on Friday...surfaced on Sat at 10pm...sore throat and ears, you know the one. You can't eat, hurts to speak, move or drink.
Seems not only did a cyst burst but now i have a viral infection so i should be better in 3 -6 days! What?! 3 - 6 days? Haven't i suffered enough this week? So i am here to quickly say i've not forgotten you all..i just feel like death warmed up right now! Watch this space i will be back :)


Leah said...

Don't give me any of your germs Gill! teeheehee...get better!

Carin said...

I sure hope that you get to feeling better soon. Get some rest.


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