Monday, 23 June 2008

End of term madness strikes again!

It seems that the last few weeks of any school year have got to be manic. I am never allowed to ease my way into the 6 week holiday but my feet just don't hit the ground!

has been selected as one of 35 kids from her entire school of 900 kids to be part of the Basingstoke Live Music Festival! She is going to be having music tuition from a man called Paul Griffiths "a hugely talented and inspirational guitarist" according to the letter! She is having 3 lots of 5 1/2 hour sessions, one 2 1/2 hour session and 2 shows of 4 hours. I am so proud that she has been selected for this and she is pleased she gets to miss some lessons! LOL! If i can take photos i will!!
She also has 2 music exams coming up and a singing grading! She has the school council dinner to look forward to and has just been in the school summer music concert!
The school choir.She's in the middle somewhere!

Playing in the Jazz Band.(First child!!)
has had one of her afternoons at Amery Hill and was most disgusted to find she had homework. "I'm not even a pupil there yet and already i have homework!"
She has been offered music lessons in the electric guitar! Good Ol' grandad is helping out with that purchase! Thanks dad!

is looking forward to moving to his new school in sept - Anstey Juniors! Is loving his swimming lessons. And has just invested in his first skateboard! LOL! He is still warhammer mad and talks non stop...lucky for me - he talks mostly to Dad!! hehe.
He is excited about Becky getting her guitar so she can help him with his!

Monday, 16 June 2008


My very very wonderful bud' Vick's came over today. She had booked the day off work and because i'd said i was bored at home she came over and the plan was to get some studying done!
We kicked off at about 9.45....and just after 12.30 stopped for a bite of lunch (obviously we had snacked on popcorn and 2ltr of unleaded coke..and a little chat about the way things are going at work!).
We took the whole afternoon to have lunch! Would you believe it!! Well i showed her how to play on the x box and we collected the kids from school...the day just ran away LOL. It was just so great to have some company if anyone else finds themselves free - i'd love a visit. I make a mean lunch, honest!
So i guess i will be studying again huh :( !

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Kids or Fish!

No not an option in a restaurant!
The kids all have swimming lessons on a Friday night and three weeks ago David moved up to a level 3, well last night his teacher watched him and said "David, you are too good for my group, go up to the next one!" So now in just 3 lessons ( and no extra swimming due to my arm) he has been put in level 4! He was so pleased with himself! Rachel is a level 6 borderline 7 and Becky moved up to a level 7 last night too! She is over the moon because they use all the bricks and do somersaults under the water and swim through hoops (sounds like a dolphin show huh!). I am just so pleased for them all, doing so well!

On Thursday David was star of the day from his teacher too, so he bought a teddy bear home and had to write a diary entry of what they got up to!

My parents told him to stop telling them all his achievements because they cost them too much money! They put money in piggy banks for the kids when they achieve things.

He really seems to have matured lately and i am just so proud!

On a funny (ish) note, he came out of school yesterday and said "Mum did you know you are a female dog?" I said "no i didn't, why am i a female dog?" His reply was "Well E***** said i am a son of a bit**!" Well i didn't know whether to laugh or cry! My friend overheard and just roared with laughter! Thanks Mandy for all your help LOL. We left it with, "Well that's not very nice, so you just don't repeat it ok!"

Have a great weekend all :)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

My big news!!

I was feeling quite despondent this week, what with the arm being put in a cast again and being unable to do most everyday things due to being left handed! So when my good friends Dyanna and Michelle asked me if i would be happy being the creative team leader over at the scrapping garden I was delighted! So i am now heading up a team of 15 of us gals! It is going to be challenging and hard work but also a lot of fun! I am so looking forward to getting stuck in! Thanks Dyanna and Michelle for putting your faith in me!

Rach' had a great time yesterday playing her sax in Alton here are some of the pics...
They played.. Money, money, money.. can you feel the love tonight, greased lightning and summer loving.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

An invite for Rachel :)

One of Rachels close school friends has invited her to a murder mystery night this month, she's really cool 12 years od and at a murder mystery night!

But thats not the only invite she has got!

The town where she goes to school, Alton, is having an opening ceremony for their "Greening Alton" season and she has been asked to be in the Orchestra, playing her saxaphone, in the town bandstand with some other classmates. She was recommended by her Sax teacher Mr E!
She is so excited, and we are really proud! i will be taking my camera...not sure how the photo's will turn out because of the pot i am sporting but will give it a go!


Had another set of xrays today....and another cast which has been left white for the kids to draw and write on!! I now need to wait for an MRI scan to check the blood supply :( Darn!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

And some good news!!

Got a call from the hospital today...they have re-arranged my appointment to re xray my hand from Friday to hopefully i will have the all clear and be back to normal by tea time tomorrow! woohoo!

Monday, 2 June 2008

As if a broken hand isn't enough

Well they say it never rains....this past week sure proved that. David was ill for about 4 days, just off colour and not right then spent 2 days being sick. I thought the rest of us had escaped it but Becky and I got it yesterday and poor Rachel has it today. Hopefully Rich will escape it as he has been out at work with the flu, poor guy.
So we have all been knocked for six really. So today is a day off for the younger two anyway and Rachel got a day off, which she was not impressed about in the slightest!
So i am up to my elbows in housework and washing now so this is a short post!
Hopefully all will be back to normal tomorrow.


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