Monday, 20 July 2009

Rachel is back from Italy...

wanna see what she got up to??......
The White Cliffs of Dover

Sunrise in Switzerland

Mountain view from the coach window.

Some of the plant life.
Underneath Juliets Balcony in Verona.
Ahh a Spagetti Ice!
Resonate, the gifted and talented choir.
She had such a great time! They sang to an audience of 500 people on their second night and did an impromptu performance on the ferry home, raising £100 for the Kododo project (the schools chosen charity.).

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Medly post!

Seems all of my most recent posts aremade up ofa medly of things that have been happening to us all.

So this week i have completed my first week in my "big girl" job! I can honestly say i love it! I am having fun and totally enjoying wearing smart clothes again.

Rachel came home with her school report which was absolutely amazing! WOW she blew me away! She not only improved in two subjects she doesn't like but kept her grades up in everything else so she is now a straight A* student accross the board! Her teachers are all impressed that her classwork and homework standards are very high, her work ethic and commitment are a credit to her and the fact that she is involved in so many after school activities also make her one of the top students in the year group! I am so very, very proud of her. She is also (which i think is very important) kind and caring to both staff and students alike, including students she doesn't know too well or hang around with. She will always help them and is always polite to all. "She will achieve great things." (quote from the head of music not taken out of context either!!!!)
So i am glad she is currently sitting by a pool in Lake Garda, Italy with the gifted and talented choir. She deserves it.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

I am baaack!!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin!! I am sure you are all wondering where on earth I have been? It even comes to something when poor Julie over at Octamom adds me on face book just to see how we are all going! Hehe.

So where do i begin?

Perhaps Becky should have centre stage for a moment!!

She does NOT have epilepsy! Woohoo i hear you cheer! So what has made my child so ill this year? Well i am so glad you asked!

Her heart cannot control her blood pressure, so when she sits then stands or walks then runs her blood pressure should rise. But it doesn’t so she faints! So we have a diagnosis but what is the cure? Well it is quite technical really are you ready? She has to take more SALT each day. Yes dear reader, Sodium Chloride is our long awaited cure! She has to have more in her diet and voila one much better child! All that stress and such a simple thing comes of it. Still we are now on the up!

She has recently auditioned for Peter Pan and has been cast as Alf Mason one of the pirates. More news when we have it!

Her school report came through too. And even though she has been sick for 5 months she is an A grade student across the board...well except for Geography but i can live with that!

Rae is off to Italy next Saturday with the gifted singers from school and is so excited! I will miss her lots but know she will have a great time!

David is still just happy doing his thing! Doing well at school and trying hard. He has taken up playing cricket too!

No reports for either of them yet but i am sure they will be equally as good as Beckys'.

I started my NEW “grown up” job yesterday! I am now no longer in child care but am a receptionist for a large car auction company. I am so excited to have this new start. Full time work for the first time since Rae was born!

And that my friends is where we are at!


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