Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Wanderer returns...again!

You know when you think to yourself.. i really must post something.. i must sit down and write so my bloggy buddies know i am ok and then you get all side tracked by that thing called life, work, kids, family, friends and then you realise you've been away longer than you meant to... and it carries on until finally you decide enough, get your butt in gear and write! Well here i am :)
2010 has flown already, i spent January helping Rachel decide on her GCSE (uk exams) choices..
we have:
English LanguageEnglish Literature
Religious Education
Media Studies
And thats the lot! She also gets her braces off in a month!!
Rebecca is now a fully fledged Air Cadet which she loves and is currently inspired to be an Air Traffic Controller in the RAF.
David is still keen on being a Police man and i use this ti encourage him to try hard at school.. seems to work!!

In my previous post i showed some pics of little Erin.. well here you go... her Christening:


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