Saturday, 25 April 2009

Update on Becky!

Numerous people have been on touch asking how the little lady is getting on!
Well the good news is the cancer(s) they were looking for are ruled out..what a load off my mind that is. She also does not have diabetes. So where does this leave us now?
Still very much in the dark as to what is causing her weight loss and lethargy. Still waiting for her hospital to come through. Still plying her with chocolate and coke! She is rapidly going off chocolate though!!
So all in all she is ok. She is plodding along, still being upbeat, still eating like a horse, still tired and worn out and still as funny as ever. She certainly has managed to keep her sense of humour through all of this. Even when her favourite clothes are falling off her. She has dropped from 8 stone to 5 stone 13 lbs since January.

I do promise to keep you all informed about when her appointment is and what any outcomes may be.

Thanks for asking about her. xx

Sunday, 19 April 2009

A blast from the past got me thinking.

Not only am i a blogger, a tweeter and all other hats..i am a face booker too. I was reading some comments on a very old friends {old as in known a long time, 20+ years!} wall today. He is separated from his children's partner. His son has been in an accident recently and his ex wife is holding him {my friend} responsible for this! So i messaged him and offered to be an ear if needed!
I was pleasantly surprised when he called me up to chat! We talked life, old days, kids, everything! It was such fun! He really cheered me up..and i didn't know i was needing a pick-me-up!
I hope the call did him some good too.

But i have been thinking so much about the laying of blame. It's so sad when adults blame each other for things that happen with their children. Sure it's ok to think things, but to say them or write them where the children can see or hear is plain wrong and downright mean if you ask me.
Crumbs, every time Rich went away when he was a soldier, at least one of the kids got hospitalised! I never forget ringing him in Iraq to tell him, very tearfully, that i had "broken the baby". David had a broken arm and i was devastated. But if i think back to this time, or when Rae lost her two front teeth and had to have them reset or when David was hospitalised while Daddy was in Poland, my husband never once blamed me! And nor would he. Not because we're still married but because no matter what he knows i LOVE our children. I never blamed him when Rachel got a huge black eye in his care while i was working. If you are the one caring, whether you are married, together or apart for whatever circumstances, you WILL and DO beat yourself up about these things. Children get in accidents. It happens. I could not have stopped David breaking his arm, nor getting so ill he was in hospital for days, nor could Rich have stopped Rae getting her black eye but we still blamed ourselves. It's what you do. And kids get over it waaay before grown ups, showing off casts and stitches or bruises as if they were the coolest things.
So come on parents, do not blame each other for accidents that happen to your children. Accidents DO happen, think of the kids and put them first. If you love them anyway.

Friday, 17 April 2009

More blood tests

More blood tests were the order of the day for Rebecca yesterday. Results are back on Wednesday so i will be crossing everything till then! Again she was very good and didn't fuss or moan. I am so proud of her attitude through all this.
She got a gift today from our lovely neighbours, a get well card and two huge bags of sweets, which she will share with Rachel and David.
She is still getting tired very easily and is still lethargic. So test results aside i am waiting for her hospital appointment to arrive real soon.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

8 of 52 & 9 of 52

Ok since last week i was recovering from surgery and could not post a pic i am posting this week and last weeks pics!
Here are the children and I..Dad took the pic (lessons needed i think!) And yes i know i look awful!

And here is Mum with her very own Mum! My parents dug out a lot of old pics and this was one of them! I was about 5 years old at the time. But if i have to come out then so does my Mum! hahaThank you for looking.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Successful op.

Well i went into hospital yesterday afternoon and was first on the list to be operated on. WOW the one time i am top of the list and i really didn't want to be!
While under anesthetic i decided i'd grown fond of the tube in my throat so much so that they had to wake me up to ask me to stop biting on it so they could remove it!Oops!
I recall desperately trying to come round in recovery and seeing a rather large blurred sunflower. It was so bright and big it was lovely to wake to. I had a conversation with a nurse but cannot remember it, only that it took place.
So i left the ward at 1pm and was back on it at 4pm. By 6pm i had tried getting up to use the bathroom...and failing. The floor is not that far to fall too but still hurts! I was being sick by6.30pm so they kindly decided not to send me home but kept me in.
I am now home recovering.
They looked at my right originally had a 4.5cm cyst on it. That burst 3 weeks ago. My ovary was clear at that time. Yesterday my ovary had 9 small to medium cysts on it. They removed some to enable them to see my ovary and then decided to remove that too. woohoo. So i am delighted with how it all went...except for the pain i'm in but the tablets are working!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Going away..Please Pray for us.

I will be offline for a couple of days. I am finally having my operation tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully i will be online on Thursday to let you all know how it went :)
And after that i can look to Becky's health or lack of. They will be doing tests next week. They want to rule OUT cancer. Please pray for us.

Thank you.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

School spring concert.

We went along to the girls school summer music concert on Thursday evening! It was so wonderful to listen to all the children playing their instruments and singing. So great that they all want to take part in school activities like this. And the range of abilities did not matter either.
Rae and Becky were singing with the choir, Rae also sang with Resonate, the schools gifted singers choir and she played sax with the Big Band! They play music from Les favourite show ever and they blew me away!

Tomorrow we are off to see my parents..Mum turns the big six oh! So we're going for a party of sorts, well lunch and cake anyway haha. I will be sure to get some pics!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

7 of 52.

This was taken this week just befroe becky went to perform in Bugsy..(other photos from Bugsy here)


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