Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A 3 in 1 post!

**Update to below... Becky got a DISTINCTION in her drama exam - 89%*** Very proud :D

Cheap shot title i know but I'm going to be posting about the 3 kids in one post!!
So where to begin really,
Rae and Becky are doing well at school, rehearsing for Bugsy Malone (school show) most evenings!
Rae just had her braces colour changed again this time a lovely jade green colour that i L♥ve!

Becky is full of flu, but is maintaining her weight at last! Back to the Doctor soon to see where we go with her next as coeliac has been ruled OUT! Much to my relief!
She took her graded drama exam at the weekend, we should get the results this evening.(will post when i have them!!)

And David has been doing well in school too. He continues to just trundle through life at his own pace with his own agenda! Here he was this morning ready for school, they were having Roman Day so you guessed it he dressed as a Roman Soldier!!And that as they say is that!!

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Holly said...

Congratulations to your daughter on her drama exam! That's an awesome grade! :)


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