Sunday, 31 May 2009

Ok so the hospital says...

I took my little sick note to the paediatrician who did LOTS of checks and tests, even had a dietitian there to talk to..and they seem to think that she needs an EEG as they think she might have a "teenage" epilepsy. Which would be the factor in all her other ailments. Luckily for us the school nurse was right there when she had a seizure at school the Monday before she had her appointment and she kindly wrote a statement of all that she saw, which helped the hospital immensely. So while i hate that she is going through this all i am glad it was witnessed when it was!
Apparently when pre-teens and teens stare into the distance and become "daydreamers", or don't hear you when you speak right to them it is a classic sign of this epilepsy. They kind of grow into it and should grow out of it by the time they are in their early 20's. So this coming Thursday they will give her an EEG and try to "stimulate" her into whatever they need her to do.
If this is the case she will be medicated which WILL stop all the things she has been going through. If left undiagnosed she will miss bits of her education so i am happy to have this done and hopefully get an answer for her.
Lets hope that this will give us some answers. I will be taking my camera ;)

I too am at the hospital this week..Tuesday for the results etc of my operation! It's all go here you know!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Becky part 1.

Well I sit here trying to make sense of what has been going on with my twelve year old daughter. Where do I begin? How do I tell this story?

I guess from the beginning of her “sickness”.

It started in December 08 when I was called to collect her from the theatre in Guildford, where she was in a show.

She was not well; she suffered all over Christmas with stomach pains and lethargy. In January we went to the doctor who spoke to her about everything it transpired that she had not been pooing having bowel movements since December! Ok that explains it thinks me! So she is weighed and measured, 8 stone, perfect to her height. Given movicol to “help her go”. Back on an even keel.

She still suffered abdominal pains though and lethargy. She was eating well and keeping active. She lost a stone. So back to the doctor who arranges blood tests for her. They all come back clear. No IBS, Celiac, Thyroid issues, Leukaemia, Diabetes or other things that can be told through blood tests. So another blood test is done to rule out some other cancers (I am not told which because I did not want to know unless it happens she has one). A very long wait later and they are clear too. She is finally now referred to the hospital.

Meanwhile by March she has dropped another stone and is now weighing in at a tiny 6 stone. She is still very tired in the evenings after her school day.

She starts having dizzy and fainting spells in April, I put it down to the fact she has lost lots of weight and encourage her to rest in the evenings and take chocolate and coke at school during lunch (school nurse keeps them in her fridge for her!!).

Her dizzy spells have become more frequent over recent weeks and I have had to collect her from school early no less than 5 times between April and May.

On Monday 18 May I got a call from the school nurse who is worried about her. She was taken to the nurse having fainted. The nurse laid her on the bed to rest and encouraged her to eat some of her lunch. Becky was lain on the bed and talking to the nurse. She was tearful and cold. Then Becky’s’ eyes rolled back and “she was out of it”. The nurse said it was like when you give someone a general anaesthetic and just before they are asleep their eyes roll back and lose focus. It was similar to how a patient with epilepsy behaves. I collected her and took her to the doctor (as her hospital appointment is on Weds 20 May) i did not want to rush her to A & E as they would look at the latest incident and not take the past history into account. The Doctor tried to take her bloods for a blood sugar test but she would not give any. Her fingers would not bleed! She spent the day in and out of consciousness on the sofa yesterday. After a fairly good night sleep she woke only to fall over on the landing. She is now relaxing on the sofa and dozing.

Roll on tomorrow. I refuse to believe it is “hormonal” or “puberty”. I never suffered like this in my pre teens / teens. I would rather be told “it is one of those things, she will grow out of it”, than hear it is puberty!

Through all of this i have watched my happy, healthy, energetic child drop two stone, become really lethargic, faint and fit. I’ve seen her prodded and poked and have her bloods drawn. Not once has she whined, moaned, complained or questioned. I want her better. I want answers. I want her not to suffer any more. I’m not asking much am i?

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Update on Becky...

Her hospital appt is next wednesday at 11.45, i will be twittering throughout the day!
I am NOT expecting too much from this first meeting the docs..see whats been going on..tell the her..bring her back. If it becomes more than that i will be happy to deal with it immediately but don't want to get my hopes up!
So that is where we are! At least the appt is here now!

Monday, 4 May 2009

What a weekend!

No news on Becky...still waiting!

However i did have the best weekend EVER (well in a lot of years) this weekend! LOL
I got a text on Friday from an old army friend Pip, she was coming to Twickenham to see the Army v Navy rugby match and was staying in a hotel 20 mins from my house with 3 other old army buddies, Ali, Ali and Kerry,...could i meet them there for a drink?? Haha silly question really!
So i went along to see them:


Kerry (green top)
Ali B!
Ali W
The gang! l-r Pip, me, Kerry, Ali W, Ali B.
Its been roughly 12 years since we've been together and man we laughed so much, fell back into the old ways had some drinks and talked well into the night! Pip rang my hubby to get permission to kidnap me for the night and bless him he approved! So they then decided how to "sneak" me in...they had plans of dragging me in the window on the ground floor..but i decided on the door..we've all got a bit bigger since our stealthy army days and i did not want to be responsible for any backs being put out (especially mine) however funny it may have been!

So i had to sneak out on Saturday morning and head home to collect the hubby and kids as they were spending the day with my Dad while i took my Mum to a spa day for her 60th birthday!
And what a day we had!

Full Body Massage.
Specifics Facial
sauna, jaccuzi, steam room, pool....
Drinks all day on tap!

We had the best girly day together, it was wonderful.

So now we are all home, today is a UK bank holiday so we just hung out and chilled! Back to work tomorrow but wow what a weekend!


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