Saturday, 28 March 2009

The sweetest phone call ever!

My two darling daughters are in the school show of Bugsy Malone. Before last nights performance the head of drama rang, one of the girls was ill and could Rae step in and do her part? WOW could she! The girl was over the moon to be asked! So 2 parts went up to three! They ran round getting her a costume, she ran round learning the solo song and i watched in awe! LOL
I am seeing the show tonight but my friend and her daughter saw it last night, i know this because my she {my friend} phoned me at the interval to tell me:

"how amazing my girlies were and how great they could act and sing. That Rachel did amazingly well and how absolutely stunning Rebecca looked! And that they had made her night!"

SO i am really excited about going tonight, and yes everyone..I AM TAKING MY CAMERA!! woohoo! I am super proud before i even start!

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