Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Pre Op and Extreme socks!?

Okay weird title?? Well it is, that was my day..weird!
I had my pre op - the nurse liked me enough to give me her email address and direct phone number at the hospital, because we live fairly far away (i thought we lived close but apparently not!), and if i need her after the op Rich can email or call her direct for advice! WOW how cool is that?
I am "normal" too..she must have seen some real whack jobs today if i am considered normal! haha.
As far as the op goes it will all be a surprise! They may do..nothing..just look around, find not much and come out or they may do a full hysterectomy {other end of scale} or anything in between. I am okay with that if i am honest. I'd rather they find something than nothing to explain the pain but i'll go with the flow..not too much choice when i'm sedated is there really?? LOL

David did a speech at school today and scored 38 out of 40 which is fantastic for a boy who hates being in the spotlight. Go David.

Becky got told off at school, wait for it..because her socks are long. Yes you read it right! Apparently they are "extreme" and show a lack of conformity. Excuse me?? Apparently children should not stand out so much at school, they should conform so she has been banned from wearing her skirt. Now if her socks were rainbow coloured..i might agree. If she hadn't lost so much weight she looks downright awful in her school trousers i might agree..but when she looks quite sweet in her navy skirt and socks i am putting up a fight! Oh and if she had not been wearing the socks since September {not the same pair we do wash them!} then i might agree! But when my baby girl who has legs that make Bambi look chubby chooses these socks...

I am happy to let her wear them, and will fight her corner when she is told she is too extreme! I am meeting her head of year tomorrow after school to discuss this and other issues such as her health and tiredness. I am not cross about this..bewildered perhaps and even a little bemused..and if i am honest i am a lot amused!

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