Friday, 31 October 2008

Two little fish went swimming one day...

The kids had a swimming lesson tonight and as it is half term and halloween they were having one to one lessons because the other children didn't turn up!
Becky managed to gain her 600metre badge, and David the fish moved up another group! He is now a level 5! His lessons change to a Saturday morning now but he is just SO proud of himself. And to top it all he got his 50 metre award!

Is three years too long?

Don't you just love being a girl? No nor me!! LOL
After David was born i was sterilised (health reasons and the fact that if i hadn't been i would be w-a-a-a-y ahead of even Octamom!!). Prior to his birth we lost a child during pregnancy and i also had huge cysts on my ovaries! Well nine years, four operations and very few *star* weeks later my Dr. is sending me for a scan to see whats going on this time LOL!
So i asked, if there is a problem can i have said ovary removed? PLEASE! He has told me he would recommend it! yipee! I know i am (oddly) too young to have the whole lot whacked out but this is a good starting point! All this because i went for a smear (*yuk i know*) on Tuesday and the nurse said i had to go see him!
She then said she would see me for my next smear in three...YES THREE years! I frowned and said no i will see you next year!
When she asked why i prefer (such a bad choice of word!) to go annually, i told her that the rest of europe go annually. My German Dr. told me, "the day after a clear result your body could start making cancerous cells, waiting three - five years for a smear is not giving yourself much of a chance to fight it". The nurse was amazed that europe do it like this! I was amazed that the UK don't!
While it is not the most fun i will ever have with no trousers on, it might just save my life one day.
So readers i got to often do you go in your country? Is it enough? or is it just the penny pinching UK government/ NHS putting us gals at higher risk?

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

And last but certainly not least...

Becky is 12 today! She always hates that she has to sit and watch her brother and sister have their birthdays and hers is last!!
Still it can't be that much of an anti climax, after all she has been awake since 3am, but had thevery good sense not to wake us until 7am!
So today she has had gifts of clothes, clothes, earings, socks (over the knee, very cool??), and her MP4 player. We are off on a shopping spree later today :).

Happy 12th Birthday sweetheart :)

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The right to know?

This is a tough one for me to write. I have a dear, dear friend who i think the absolute world of. She is my confidant, we laugh and talk, we've cried together but mostly we are happy in each others company, with those comfortable silences and with lots of chatter!(she wont see this as hates pc's!!)
She has a child who became a "lady" this year. Other than really heavy periods she is coping fine. But they are REALLY heavy. Horrendously so.
I suggested a trip to the Dr., as it is a really strong family trait. She said she had made an appointment, but will not take her child with her.
For once (and it is a really rare thing) I kept my mouth shut. It's her decision after all it's her child.
But if it were one of my girls what would i do? Of course it's simple for me (I do tend to see most of life in black and white with very very few grey areas), the child would come with me. After all, i'd be discussing the child and surely they have a right to know family history and how best to deal with it. Am i perhaps a bit to liberal? I really thought i am a conservative gal but i guess not! I feel i want to say something but don't want to seem like i'm being my opinionated self, or butting in. I'm sure my friend is trying to protect her child, but sometimes knowledge and understanding is the best defense? Am i way off base?
I know i will probably step back and let my friend do it her way. It's i alone in thinking like this?

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Roots and Wings or Apron Strings?

So last night Rich and i took Becky to school. She is off on a weekend of abseiling, canoeing, arial roping and orienteering, with the rest of the kids in her school year group! We stood with her best mate (and room mate for the weekend) and her parents (good friends of ours also). We chatted and teased the girls about sharing a room, and we laughed, we laughed a lot.
Their classmates came over with their parents and we all introduced ourselves to one another.
Looking around some kids looked a little aprehensive, others excited and some stood quietly with their parents.
Becky turned to me and said "No offence Mum, but i really love it when i go away from you and Dad for a little while!"
I smiled and told her no offence taken, it meant that Dad and I were doing our job right!
She just hugged me!
So the coaches arrived and Becky and Katie could not get away from us fast enough, quick kisses and they were gone, suitcases in tow!
We did not run after them, or follow them, we stood fast and continued chatting.
As we looked towards where the children were congregated there were hoards of parents and siblings all jostling to get one last look of their child! The families banged on coach windows and waved like mad. Some Mums cried - they acually burst into tears at the thought of their baby leaving them for 2 nights and 2 days! A trip they had knowingly paid for, willingly let their offspring go on and still cried like they were unprepared for this moment.
I get a sense of sheer love and pride when one of my children heads of happily, i know they will have a great time, they will laugh and learn and come home bursting to tell me all they got up to. So i am happy to see them go off and look forward to picking them up. But am i wrong to enjoy this small amount of time away from my beloved child? Am i wrong not to cry at the loss of them for two days? Or am i laying the foundations of root and wings?
I cannot wait to collect her on Monday afternoon, nor can i wait until her photos get developed so i can see the weekend through her eyes. But for now i am happy that she is happy to be where she is.

Good parents give their children Roots and Wings. Roots to know where home is, wings to fly away and exercise what's been taught them.

-- Jonas Salk

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Coolest teacher EVER!!

I went to parent teacher night this evening with Davids' teacher Mr.W.
David has settled well into his new school! Mr.W can't figure out Davids favourite subject "because he tries so hard in all of them!" WOW i am so proud of my little guy! His work is much better this year (in my humble opinion anyway - the quality and quantity) and he is "a lovely, pleasant, kind and honest member of the class!" He has to start using conjunctives in his work now!
His teacher is also having him tested for dyslexia as he can spell really well verbally but when writing gets all the right letters in the wrong order, so we need to see is he is dyslexic or if his brain and thought processes are too quick for his hand! Either way we will be able to help him with some strategies with it all!
He has made some good friends, who are nice children and Mr.W is pleased with the friendship they all have:)
And to top it off, the Lunchtime Ladies have put his name forward to sit on the TOP TABLE next Friday - this is the good behaviour table, they have a name place and a V.I.P tag :) He is so pleased!
I honestly think all of this is in part the fact that his new school is smaller, and he is responding so well to having a male teacher!
So all in all a great start for my guy, i could not be more proud of him right now!!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Teenager in the house!

You read it right! Congrats to our lovely girly girl, Rae..who is the ripe age of 13 today!
I have a slight problem with this though. I was once informed that teenagers sleep ALL the please tell me why she was awake at 4.30am (although did wait till 6.00am on the dot before waking me!)?
I have watched this little girl grow and become a young lady but often wondered where her sentimental side was..watched E.T - no tears, watched Bambi..dry as the her a book especially made for her, a book of her little life so far...YES i did it..she cried! She is a REAL woman after all! LOL!
Presents waiting for her!
The book of her life so far!
"my hoodie!!"
Betty Boop cake as baked by Kev and Beccy J! (thank you guys so much )

Oh and as promised here is the "perfect David" award!!

Monday, 13 October 2008

The seasons are a changing!

Well my good friend Octamom has posted about her favourite season...Fall! Well ladies and gents i too am an Autumn person (Fall, to those of you on the other side of the pond!).
So why am i an autumn person? Well like Octamom I was born in the Autumn, all 3 of my children are Autumn babies (not planned that way but hey it works for us!) and i just love everthing about the season.
I grew up in Germany mainly as a child where the nights are colder, crisper where there are more colours around you than you should see on trees, where the frost settles on cars early in the morning, so too the grass and wooden fences. The morning air is so cold it almost hurts your lungs to breathe too deeply. But the things i love the most about this season of changes are the smells. Wet damp leaves on the ground squelching underfoot. Dry leaves that just beg to be kicked or thrown into the air and the musty smell that comes with their fall around you. Raking piles of multicoloured leaves into piles just to run into them! The smell of turnips, swede and pumpkins! The hot meals that warm you through after a full days play!
Days that lead you into biting snowy winters. Days that demand every sense be given up to the sights and smells the season has to offer! That my friends is why for me every year without fail i love the Autumn!
Whats not to love!

p.s took David to the Dr....he is (in the Dr's own words) PERFECT! We even have a stickit signed and stamped by the Dr that says "David is Perfect!" Photo tomorrow!! He is a "perfect" happy boy! ( hate to say i told him so, but..nuh nuh!!)

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sunday snapshot(s)

Well it was going to be snapshot but i could not just pick one!! So here are some of Rae at Salisbury Cathedral and some we took pre turning 13 on Weds! Enjoy.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Salisbury Cathedral & Lake Garda...

So my beloved eldest is in Salisbury today (approx 1 - 2 hours away) with the school choir. They are singing in Salisbury Cathedral to help celebrate their 750th anniversary:

The Cathedral!

The children are singing Stari Most a song about a bridge in Bosnia. The song was created for their school to celebrate it's Specialist Music status. Afterwards they are going to Pizza Hut for tea with their teachers!

The Stari Most Bridge.

I also got a letter this week congratulating Rae on getting into the gifted and talented singers choir and that the school wish to take those children to Lake Garda (Italy) next summer where they will do tourist days out and evening concerts! It's only £540 so we have said yes she can go.

Becca has been asked by Mr.S, the head of music, to join the choir at school too as she has "a great voice" which he reiterated to me this morning when i dropped Rae off! So both my girls have voices of angels (sure not from me!). So wonderful to see them both doing so well :)

David is off to the British Museum this week to help his learning of the Egyptians...despite the fact we took him there last summer LOL!! He loves Egypt which is pretty lucky i guess! haha.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Mum am i...

Fat? Is the question i was asked today. Not by my oldest, nearly teenager, nor by my middle, nearly 12 year old, both girls! But by my only just 9 year old..son?
OMG what on earth has happened to make my lovely little guy think he is less than the total perfect dude i see? Other kids is what happened. Other kids who are all slim have decided to point out to my little guy that he is the F word. To say i was taken aback is an understatement!
I told him he was just fine. That Dad and I are not petite slender people, but are in fact broad shouldered, tall well built people so how could he possibly be waif like?
He says i am just saying that "cos i'm his Mum and i have to!"
So we are going to the doctor on Monday! (OMG i'm reeling on this one.) With the intention of a weigh and measure and having the Dr. tell him he is just where he should be. Poor kid. I guessed it was a matter of time before i posted something like this but i never imagined it would be about my son! There went the rule book again!

Looks just right to me!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

WOW what a great night!!

Rachel spent yesterday playing her Sax and singing with
The Band of the Prince of Wales Division.
A military band from Tidworth, they came to help the kids learn about professional musicians!
They came to her scool and worked with the gifted and talented musicians (grades 5 and above - even though she is only a grade 4, her teachers put her in the Jazz Band and Big Band so she was eligible!). They played some great music from Military to Abba, Pirates of the Carribean and Titanic! It was absolutely brilliant! They put the show togeether in a day and the standard of music was just mind blowig. The kids had a great time with all the military bandsmen, learning the tricks of the trade and getting helpful hints and tips! They had all been offered a weeks work experience with the band when the time comes which is pretty cool!
We took the two younger ones to see it, poor David was dead on his feet by the end, but was awake enough to tell Rachel she was the best, before slipping off to bed!

No photos yet! I wasn't allowed to take my camera (which i am so gutted about! ) so i have to wait to get them from the local newspaper!

But that is and will be another post!

Have a great day all :)

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Letting off some steam with her pals!

Bex BFF in the "Universe" is 12 today "Happy Birthday Hazz!" and had a disco to celebrate! Now bearing in mind all the kids went off to different schools in the area and now have new friends etc Hazz decided that she wanted to get all her last years classmates together for this shindig!
They had a great time - and it was so good to see Bex let her hair down and have some clean old fashioned fun, just hanging with her buds! So here are the pics of the best October beach Party!

The three amigos!

Rockin to Nickelback!!

Dancing together!
The entire class of '07!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Papa Bear 1 - School 0!!

I am grinning from ear to ear today! It is finally sorted out! My wonderful husband rang the school with his "voice of authority" asking to speak to the deputy head(DH). He was told "She will call you later to tell you WHY your daughter needs anger managment!"
His reply "Okay and i will tell her why she doesn't!" (Good start OMG!)

So after speaking to the school, Rich was told that Bex spoke over the nurse and the nurse took exception to this!
He told the DH that this, while not really the correct way to behave, was certainly not reason to put her on Anger Management!
The DH then said (this is classic!!) "But we need your permission!"
To which my beloved said "Well you don't have it!"
The call was ended with the following:
DH: "But you will be pleased to know there has been no trouble today!"
HUBBY: "What no trouble at all, with Becky today?"
DH "Correct, all has been well"
HUBBY: "Well it would be, she is at home today, sick!"
I really had to laugh at that one!

Meanwhile i spoke with Bex drama coaches, old school teachers and friends, none of them think she needs anger managment!
Her old teacher said "She is just a kid who speaks her mind. While she is not a bully, she will not roll over and be a victim!"

So NO she will not have anger managment.

She is feeling much better now and over her yukky bug. She's looking forward to going back to school too and hanging with her mates!


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