Saturday, 28 March 2009

Rachel Singing...

Since I will be taking pics tonight, asI am rubbish at videoing I recorded Rachel singing her Bugsy audition song...and the cute American accent, which I think is pretty good since we have never been there!! Please don't judge her too harshly on it! oh and one more thing.....{Excuse my awful voice in the back!!}


Ron said...

she is so cute .. and sounds grand

looks like she enjoys it

Ron said...
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Ron said...

oh yeah .. and .. I did a play in high school .. I was 16 .. I was in a British play called "Charley's Aunt" .. I was Charles .. complete with a British accent ..

the bug will get ya quick .. break a leg, Rae

Sparkles said...

Bless you Rae!!! You sound fab

Hope you had a good show, pics look great on facebook xx

Octamom said...

Beautiful!!!! You go, Girl!



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