Monday, 9 March 2009

Not me Monday!

Welcome to not me Monday, the place where we mere mortals
face up to things we have or have not done during the past week!!
This is the brain child of MckMama over at
My Charming Kids

So the past week, hows it been round here? Well I certainly DID not get a shock when i ended up in Hospital for two days. I did not get upset to hear an ovarian cyst had burst but it was ok..i had several others on the other side!
I did not go to bed on Friday at 5pm to surface on Saturday at 10pm, only to return to bed until Sunday at 4pm! I was not suffering with a viral throat and ear infection..I was not lucky enough to have two separate illnesses in a matter of days!
I did NOT pass it on to eldest child who is not now in her bed. I did not also wake this morning with a cold sore on my mouth that looks like i am growing another head!
I did not hate last week at all even a little bit...I DO NOT pray that this week is better!! hahaha.

So how was your week? What didn't you do?


Leah said...

Oh...sorry about your baby girl. hope you're both back to normal soon!

miruspeg said...

Gill with ALL that is happening in your life I am pleased you have retained your sense of humour.
Hope all is back to some sort of normality soon.

What didn't I do? Well I did not spend more time walk past the computer and NOT turn it on...because I love my blogging friends so much.



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