Saturday, 28 February 2009

Casual Saturday.

Well today has passed fairly uneventfully, i like days like this.
Rae had a sleepover with a school friend last night, so i had to collect her from Alton at 1.30.

Becky is better than she was yesterday, (she was so sluggish and pasty looking i kept her home) but still not 100%. Her drama coach is a retired nurse and she is concerned about my baby! She even offered to come to the Doctor with us..I might just take her up on it!

David woke with a temperature so i plied him with Ibuprofen and he seems to be holding his own, he sounds throaty and tells me his legs are sleepy {pins and needles, but i prefer his way!}, so i am using that as a good excuse to keep him settled on the sofa ;) shh don't tell him!

I got my operation date through though, 8Th April, just in time for Easter aagh! I wonder if i give up an ovary i will get a special egg? Perhaps it is worth pushing for hehe!!

So with a chilled out, relaxed Saturday i can blog surf and cuddle up in front of the TV with a clear conscience!

So enjoy your weekend all. I'm off for a 3 person snuggle on the sofa!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gill, just wanted to stop by and thank you for your comment today. Yes, perhaps I am connoisseur of life experiences. I feel much better...but boy, I needed to vent! Your words mean so much and I really want you to know that.

Hope Becky feels better soon!


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