Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The New Girl

Yes today i was the new girl at work. Yipee! I started my new job and i LOVE it, T, who i work with, is just great, i honestly think we will have a laugh together as well as a great working relationship. Good vibes bouncing round the room!

Went to Bex parent teacher meetings..WOW I am seriously impressed with the girl :) She is above average for everything..needs to slow down a bit with writing in foreign languages..wonderful at Drama and well above average in Music! haha! Science and Religious Education she is starting her GCSE's a year early, so i am a very proud Mum right now. Keep it up kid.

Have a great day all. I am!

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Boy Mom said...

Wow I had to go way back to get caught up on your life, sorry, I'm going to try again to put you on my blog roll.

Still worried about Becky? though not academically, wow!

Congrats on the new job. It's kinda fun to have a change.

Ouch, sorry about the cysts, I've heard they hurt terribly when they rupture.

The 6 weird things are cute and hilarious, I may have to tag myself.

Thinking of you and your family.



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