Friday, 9 January 2009

Am i too late

to wish everyone a very happy new year and all the very best for 2009? Gee i hope not!
It has as always been manic off the new year starting blocks, no excuse for me lack of posting i know, but i have just been enjoying evenings with the kids on the sofa. We have been watching the diary of Anne Frank, which has been raising questions and debates, that have just been wonderful for us to enter into as a family. I guess learning doesn't always stop when the school day does! The kids have been thoroughly moved by the story so we are now getting the book to read. They were (i hesitate to use the word delighted or pleased) proud to know that they have been to Bergen-Belsen where Anne and her sister, Margot, died. They (the children) were very small when we took them, but it was an experience we wanted to share and since we lived near there at the time we did not pass up the chance.
And that my dear friends is where we are at up to this point in the new year!
We did start the year with our very good friends and as usual it was just a wonderful day. Chilling out, relaxed and just enjoying each other. All children are back to full health and we are looking forward to a lie in tomorrow!! (Still not too used to these early mornings!!).

Pics of Bergen-Belsen as requested by the girls:

Main Entrance:

reads: Here Lay 500 Dead. (so sad, R.I.P)
Looking at the wall with all the names on it.
Becky laying a stone out of respect.


Fly Girl said...

Oh, wow... I'm so glad you posted these photographs. I'm sure being there was a moving experience in itself. I usually teach a unit on the Holocaust in my literature class. This year, I'm having to do it through an academic support class for only a small group of students. It's always eye-opening as we read and discuss this.


Fly Girl said...

P.S. I love your new look!

Jen said...

What an experience!! I had the chance to visit Breendonk in Belgium when I was there about 11 years ago. It just makes all that happened so much more real! I wish that everyone could see a concentration makes such an impact.


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