Saturday, 24 January 2009

Lazy lazy Saturday.

Today has been a lovely do nothing hang out together lazy day. Long may it last :)
The best thing about today, well the best two things..were the girls baking fairy cakes together and hearing the laughter emanate from the kitchen. Magic. I love that the two of them get along the way they do. And the second was hearing David and "his" Daddy building a remote controlled rocket and discussing the "high altitudes" that David is sure it will make! So sweet to hear him telling Dad that Grandad always knows what a boy wants and picks the best presents. Oh "And Daddy if the men are in space will they see my rocket flying up there?"

(I'm not telling him it might only reach 100 feet!!)


BaronessBlack said...

By the way - you're tagged!

dyanna said...

Hey girlie, I have emailed you a couple times and not gotten a response. Could you please send me an email? I want to know how you are and if you have deserted me :) lol



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