Friday, 30 January 2009

Pop Quiz!

Q: What do you do when you put two of these:into one glass of this, 3 times a day:
and feed it to this cute but poorly child?:A: Buy more of this than usual &

get the school to issue one of these
rapid response cards!!it reads: Please allow Becky to leave the lesson AT ONCE
if she shows this card!

Yes my friends my middle babe has been a poorly bunny this week. I had to collect her from school on Tuesday and she went back on Thursday after being prescribed the above meds and allowing them to "kick in" for 24 hours! She has been "bunged up" since pre Christmas, poor girl. Things are now moving along nicely if not a little more rapid than we anticipated! I love the red card the school nurse supplied her with and the fact that our Doctor said to give her the meds with full fat Coke to take the awful taste away!

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