Tuesday, 13 January 2009

To "E" or not to "E"

Of course i am talking E books here!! You see friends, my dear Dad bought my lovely Mum an E book for Christmas. This is an all singing all dancing new whizzy reading implement! My Mum raves about it. "It came with a CD that holds 100 classic books, i can just download new books online etc etc."
I had a look at the new gadget that had my Mum all gooey eyed and was fairly impressed i have to say.
Black and silver, lightweight, slimline and you can change font size as you age and your eyes begin to fail you!! (hehe)

I thought about this gift and how it was actually quite cool. So i mentioned it to my best friend, we are always swapping books together and chatting about the latest read we have on the go!
I really thought, as a keen reader, she would be as keen as Mum and I on this new toy. But no, she was not as taken as us, even a little bit.

And so, our first "debate" of 2009 has begun! To E or not to E.
We daily come up with reasons for and against and upon sighting each other we call out our latest viewpoint!

So the FOR's:

2.You only need ONE hand to hold it, thus freeing your other to hold coffee/chocolate!
3. Saves the trees with the obvious lack of paper.
4.It automatically saves your page! How cool, to fall asleep and not lose your place!
5.When you have a holiday you can take it and know you WILL have more than enough books!
6. With it's back light you CAN get under the covers, yes with both shoulders my friends, to read.

Ok the AGAINST's:

1.Not tactile, no page turning!
2.You can't swap it or share it with your mates.
3.You don't get to read all the blurb on the back cover and peruse the bookshops/library.

So everyone, help me out, i am for this cool item but i do agree with some of the Con's. How do you readers out there feel about the E Book?


Boy Mom said...

I love the smell, touch and feel of a book. I love the page turning anticipation and knowing where on the page certain favorite parts are found. Adorable Hubby does every book on CD though so we're split. Yes on recorded books no on reading from a screen.

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

I think that ebooks have their place, but I definitely love holding a paper book, and I love the way they look on my bookshelf. Gill, it's good to catch up with you. I wish I could get you into my reader! :-( Happy New Year!

Octamom said...

My brother has one and loves it--but my fear for myself is that since I'm such a reader in a big bathtub filled with bubbles, it would be pretty traumatic if I dropped the ebook reader in the tub! ;o)


Fly Girl said...

I think being able to pack lots of "books" without the weight would be wonderful. So maybe on a trip I could read a book this way. At home, though, I would prefer the real thing. And if you fall asleep with the e-book reader, you may roll over on it and break it. This could be both a financial and physical pain (okay I'm reaching here). A regular book would just get a little rumpled.



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