Saturday, 31 January 2009

An inbox surprise!

Imagine my surprise when i checked my emails this morning and found an email from the ever so lovely Ron over at Troubled Ramblings. I opened said email and this is what i found:

He (in my humble opinion) is a talented artist, i love the way he can capture the eyes in his drawings. So to say i was shocked and delighted hardly does it justice!
So lovely Ron, thank you so very very much, Becky is as delighted as I am that you took time out of your busy day to draw her. Thank you doesn't seem quite enough. WOW.

On an extremely sad note a baby girl "Tuesday Fiona Witt" passed away yesterday. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones at this very sad time, she was only 2 years of age.


Ron said...


It was my pleasure. I was looking at your photo blog, when I saw the photo. It captured me. I don't sleep long at night.
I go to bed late and wake up early, usually. So, up late or up early, I try to be quiet as not to disturb the ever lovely TJ. Drawing is generally quiet. I have done all the grandkids, most of the kids, some of the nephews and nieces, and some friends.
While my wrist (old carpal tunnel) is relenting, and my 'want to' is peaking .. I am enjoying the opportunity to draw. You are right on with the eyes. The rest of the drawing can be perfect and it is ruined if the eyes aren't. It is hard to capture the light in that ocular orb, the light reflecting from the soul. Sometimes, I get lucky.

TammyJ said...


I have to agree with you.. Ron is enormously talented. I am a bit biased but it's allowed. I love to read his writing and look at his drawings but you should hear him sing. I sometimes think I fell in love with his voice as well as with him. By the way your daughter is a beautiful girl.

Take care

Fly Girl said...

What a beautiful drawing. Ron definitely found the soul in her eyes!


miruspeg said...

Hello Gill
Ron definitely is multitalented and such a gorgeous kind soul as well.

He is a very generous man to have sent you this drawing. And I just read Tammy's comment about his lovely singing voice....he is the complete package!

On a sadder note it is always heartwrenching to read about death of a child.
Joseph the little 2 1/2 year old I look after each Monday will get an extra hug tomorrow.

Take care

Holly said...

Wow that's an awesome portrait! I wish I could draw that well! :D

Lady divine said...

off topic - lovely layout!!
how have you been?


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