Sunday, 11 January 2009

This man.

This man is my best friend.
He is probably the only person who truly knows me, what makes me tick and how to read me.
This man believes in me, whole hearted, unquestioningly.
This man can make me laugh or giggle like a school girl, he can make me cry, he frustrates me, he is my everything.
This man's hands have held mine, they have held me, they have reached out to me when i needed them to and they have just rested gently on me when i needed to know they were there. They have written to me from Iraq, Canada, Poland and various other places. Letters i still hold dear and read from time to time.
This man's hands fix things, they make things and they were the first hands to hold three small babies when they made their way into the world. This man's hands hold my heart in them, so strong and so gently that i know it is safe there. This man, the father of my children, is my reason for being. He is my reason for smiles, laughter and love. He is my soul mate, my best friend and my lover. This man, this lovely gentle caring man is everything and more to me. I do not tell him often enough how he really makes me feel. Our lives so busy with working and raising our family. So my wonderful man, thank you for loving me the way you do, thank you for our lovely children, thank you for just being husband. I love you.


Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

I love this tribute to your husband!

Happy New Year!

Octamom said...

Great photo and beautiful tribute! Just love it!


miruspeg said...

You have been blessed Gill.
This man is a lucky man as well.
It take two to tango.

alison barlow said...

i agree with all u say gill he is a lovely person for a trekkie,and like ur friend says it takes two.You were both there for me when i needed help and i will always be grateful for that for ever x


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