Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas photos and merryment!

One of my favourite things about Christmas is when the kids are all asleep and the tree is surrounded by gifts, the lights are low and the wine is flowing! Our tree always looks so small compared to the amount of gifts under it. (Then i think of "Octamom" and "Boy Mom" and smile at the thought of how their trees look!!) So here is our tree before the children woke on Christmas morning.

The Tree.
Then there is the childrens faces when (if) they get the one gift that they wished so hard for, the gift they did the dishes for (in December anyway) the one prize that would make this Christmas the best one "ever".
Rachel and the "new coat"

Becky and the "grown up make-up set!"

And David the "Clone Trooper" with "Gordon" the monkey puppet!
Then there is family! Since Christmas day we have now spent 2 days at home, yesterday and today! On boxing day we visited Rich's family (no pics i forgot my camera..aaaagh) and then on the 27th we visited my family. It is always so great to see the cousins together and here the all are..
Back - Becky, Elouise and Rae.
Front - Jack and David!
So yes it is pretty safe to say that this was their "best Christmas e-v-e-r". With all gifts opened and peace restored the children are playing with their toys, or watching new DVD's, reading new books, applying make up or bathing with bath bombs! Lego all over the place and go-go's under foot we can now sit back and enjoy the gifts we recieved...until our next Christmas...Jan 01. 2009 when we visit our "best friends in the world" for the day, a tradition we started around 3 or 4 years ago. We stay away from each other over Chrsitmas to allow family and other friends to visit and new year is our day. I am looking ofrward ot it very much particularly this year as K has been seriously ill recently and we were all worried that Christmas may not go ahead as planned with them. All is well now though and we can look to 2009 without worries and concerns for him. (K - i am so glad you are better we love you tons!).


Fly Girl said...

Sounds like a very happy and satisfying Christmas over at your home! You described one of my favorite times, too... I love sitting in my living room with the lights of the tree glowing. My lights are all packed up now, until next year! Have fun with your friend!


Boy Mom said...

So fun, my favorite time and yours are the same. I could just sit and soak it all in after they've all gone to bed and it just the magic of Christmas everywhere.

What cute children, cousins are so fun. Very cute coat!

Happy New Year!

Octamom said...

Love getting to see your festivities! The new coat is soooo cute!

And I love the combo of the monkey with the Star Wars--kind of like a galactical animal planet show!!!


Jen said...

Sounds like you had a very nice Christmas (except for Bex being sick of course). I love seeing the joy on the kids faces when they open that thing they REALLY wanted - priceless!

Happy 2009!

miruspeg said...

'Best Christmas e-v-e-r' what beautiful words Gill.
Your photots do show what a wonderful time was had by all.
Hope new years day was memorable as well.
All the very best for 2009.


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