Tuesday, 20 January 2009


because this won't wait till Monday!

Today i had my appointment with the specialist at the hospital.
I went with Beccy, my best friend, for support...

I did not introduce her as "my partner"(i did not think that the word friend sounded weird) , I did not then try to recover by saying "erm not my partner...we're married!!", I did not then try to recover even more by saying " to different men!" No, not me, would never do something like that!
So we started out on a goooood footing! Lucky for me she had a great sense of humour which helped me get over that 'special' moment!

It seems i have poly cystic ovaries and a cyst the size of a chicken egg living on my right ovary (rent free i might add). So i am waiting for an appointment within the next 11 weeks to have said cyst and right ovary evicted and re-homed elsewhere, preferably a bin!
But at least now i know that my problems losing weight are down to my poly cystic ovaries and not all the chocolate i ate at Christmas!

Just a quick note at the bottom to wish Barack Obama a successful presidency. Let's hope he does good for all in America.


Jen said...

What a day for you! I am sure it had to do with nerves over the visit. *hugs* I will be praying for you. Please keep us updated with when you will be having the surgery.

Cheryl Lage said...

Bless your heart! (and I love your humor and attitude amidst the less than thrilling news!)

Hang in there, we'll keep you in thoughts and prayers.

(And thanks for your good wishes for America. :) )

Boy Mom said...

This is hilarious!

My best friend and I are always putting our foots in our mouths :D when it comes to explaining our relationship. We have the added fun of having very nearly the same first name and a tendency to push each other deeper into silliness.

Octamom said...

Glad the appointment went well--keep us updated when the 'eviction' is going to be held!!



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