Monday, 25 August 2008

Oh dear's the wrong kid!

*** Warning - period talk!!***

Well today one of the girls came down to tell me she thinks she has "started". And you guessed it, it was the younger one! She is 11 years old, 12 in October and her body has decided that now is as good a time as any to add to all the issues she already has..changing school, leaving junior school etc etc. I am sure she really didn't need this on top! But it's here, and i guess it's here to stay!
The older daughter was okay with this happening to her sister she's sensible enough to realise its out of all control. But her face dropped when Dad came home with roses for her sister. He bought them for her as her first bouquet as a "lady"..(and all the while i have been saying "it doesnt change you, you are still you and it is not that overnight you become a lady"!! haha)
So one is sad that it's not her getting flowers from Dad and the other is crying because she really doesn't want to be a lady!
We talked a lot previously about "it" happening and how we deal with it all. They are fine to come and ask me about things and worries but i never in a million expected it this soon or with the younger daughter first! I was a late starter and really hoped they would be too!
My heart breaks for my oldest as it has got to be really hard seeing your kid sis develop and start before you.
Has anyone else had this issue arise? Please advise as to how you dealt with it because i really feel stuck between a rock and a hard place!
(Next time round i'm coming back as the Daddy!!)


Jen said...

What a tough situation for both of the girls and then you stuck right in the middle! Man I am glad I have boys! :) Especially since I started early (10yrs and 2nd in my class). I'm sorry I can't offer any helpful words. I wonder if Daddy might spend some extra time with the elder to help it out a bit.

Darwin said...

Sounds tough for all three of you! I'd suggest hanging out with the elder so that she doesn't feel left out? I started at an average age - 13. I hated it. Cried about it for days as I didn't want to be a 'grown up'. Regardless of what my mom told me at the time, starting 'that' is the begining of the end as far as I was concerned!

Octamom said...

Oh. Wow.

I'm the oldest of three kids--but my younger siblings are BROTHERS. But if I'd had sisters, I would have had a duck-fit if one of them started before I did. Yikes. I have no advice here--just gonna hope that the estrogen floating around your place kick-starts big sis's engines, so to speak.

I've got an award for you--


mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

Oh my goodness that is a really tough situation. I've never heard of Daddy bringing home flowers for his 'lady' but it's a really lovely idea. Sorry no helpful words... but my 9 year old is close-we're starting with the curves now, and the moodiness!!

BaronessBlack said...

Oh dear! Is there anything you and the oldest daughter could arrange for the youngest? Cook her favourite meal or something? Just something that you can use to re-confirm the oldest as most responsible/eldest/most helpful etc. Do you think it might help bringing the oldest into your "adult" camp and allowing the younger daughter to stay the younger who sometimes has to be looked after?
Just a thought - best of luck!


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