Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Time alone!

Well the kids are having a great time at Grandma and Granpa's house. Yesterday they went to Dover castle for the day. There were two highlights for David..1. He was allowed to turn off the air raid siren they had and 2. The traffic jam on the way home was "just HUGE Mum!"
Today i got a call, they are going swimming this morning and then this afternoon they are off to the Dog track to see Grandma's dog racing. They love that as they are normally given a few pence to place bets! And yes they do normally win!!

I on the other hand have blitzed the lounge and am halfway through the kitchen. Pulling EVERYTHING out and cleaning anything that stays still long enough! Boring yes but it is uninterrupted so it's being done properly and in my own sweet time!
Does anyone else have cans in their store cupboard that ran out in 2005!! The shame!

Still i know that as i tidy and clean it will stay that way at least until Sunday night (the kids are home on Saturday)!!

If i can get everything done by Friday, Rich and I can spend his day off together just hanging out and not doing a lot at all!

I am off now for round two in the kitchen! Wish me luck! haha.


Octamom said...

Sounds like they are having a great time! And yes, I've found can goods trafficking in antiquity in my pantry from time to time!

Hope the job interview goes well--I'm trying to figure out the time difference between us--can't figure out if I should say 'tomorrow' or 'today' ;o)

So glad you'r enjoying your quiet time! (with no air raid siren practice!)

Gill said...

Ok it is currently 14.40 on Tuesday 12 August...i am 5 hours ahead of US EST if that helps!! LOL

Jen said...

Ah yes! I cleaned out the pantry a couple of weeks ago and found some cans from the beginning of 2006 - lol. One of the reasons we want to instal shelves that pull out in there :) Good luck with the rest of the cleaning and hope you get some time to just relax without the kiddos around :)


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