Wednesday, 13 August 2008

You choose - or ....Please help!!

I took this photo of my friends son N. Well I was going to just print out the original but had to go and play with it a bit ;)
Now i cannot decide which one(s) I like and want for her!! So please comment and let me know which one(s) I should do because at this rate she is going to get them all and i will be out of ink!!!
Thanks in advance!


B&W - the top is the original in basic B&W to give me an idea where to work from!


Octamom said...

Okay, this may sound strange--but I love the photo collage you've made of all the choices--what if you just printed out the colour shots just like you have them arranged and then printed a page with the collage of b&w?

I think seeing the contrasting looks is so fun!

Glad I made you giggle over the nursing bra mishap!

Any interview news?


Gill said...

no news on the interview!! We are using it as experience right now as we have been informed there are more people that wish to interview him..if it happens great if not then at least we have tried so to say!

The Broken Man said...

I really like the original in the colour, and the bottom right hand (slightly sepia) one in the B&W. No particular reason - I just instinctively went for them.

The Broken Man

Jen said...

Ok, I am going to be boring...but my very favorite one is the original in B&W. :)
I also like octamom's idea about printing a collage of the different color ones though! A little different take would be to print it out kind of like you have seen pop-art posters (but without all the funky colors). Making it 3x2 or 2x3...of course making the page to be able to fit a frame size available.


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