Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Yep i guess it does eventually happen to all of us! I have been totally uninspired to write this past week! It isn't like we aren't doing anything! We've been swimming loads, I took Becca to get her senior school uniform (omg she looks so cute in it!), they guys have had hair cuts and i "have" to shape Davids into a Mohican!!
I just can't find the energy or inclination to blog!! But with new people arriving to drop the odd comment here and there, i kinda feel it's obligatary to leave somthing new for them to read rather than looking at the same old same old!
Becky has her new electric guitar...but it is at "Grandad's" house. She keeps begging us to visit him but forgets that Nan and Grandad work and although its the summer for us it is not the summer for the rest of the world!!

On one of the blogs i visited recently MY CHAOS MY BLISS ,Cecily gave her camera to her offspring and set them a challenge! Well yeah i loved the idea so I do intend to set my kids up with my prized possesion and let them do a similar list :)

Other than that not really a lot happening here, the girls are alternating their preteen "i have issues" days which i find highly amusing, and that kinda makes it all a whole lot worse! And David is keeping out of their way but is, "sick of watching chick flicks" and hates being "outvoted by two girls that think they are grown up!" Bless him!!


Lady divine said...

aahh real time drama I see..:)
things that keep you going..;)civ

Octamom said...

I'm planning on doing this activity with the kids--thought it sounded so great!

The Broken Man said...

Dont feel obliged to post when you dont feel like it, we will keep coming back either way!


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