Wednesday, 20 August 2008

What is a house? A Home or Bricks and Mortar?

On Monday Octamom discussed her "old" home...where they lived with 6 of 8 kids and then the family moved..their house still has not sold and when they went back all the memories came back with lots of emotions.
Since Rich and I are hoping to drag the kids 1/2 way round the world to Tasmania it did get me thinking about all the places i / we have lived and which were houses and which if any were homes!

First a bit of background on us...
I am from a military background, i have never lived in ONE house for more than 7 years! I have lived in various countries and moved a lot within those countries!
Rich has moved less than me as a kid but a lot as an adult!
Our kids have lived in 8 homes in 3 countries!
So we really seem to be "nomads!"

I can remember what my houses looked like when i was 5 -8 years, 8 - 15 years, 15 - 17 years and then all the army accommodation and properties!
I do not remember the houses in Hong Kong or Dortmund pre age 5!
Have any of these houses been a home to me? That's the million dollar question really. None of them were "home ", as a child..home was always classified as any place Mum and Dad lived! If i was with them then i was home!
Then i left "home" and joined the army...Home now became the place where Mum and Dad were..."I'm going HOME on leave" etc!! So home was still technically where my parents rooted themselves!
At 21 i married Richard and home was the place where we lived together! Although his family thought it was their house "are you coming home for Christmas?" Yet my family had decided that Rich and were a family so we would be "visiting" at Christmas and no longer "coming home!"
We always talked as though our house was home when we married and our parents "homes" were just places to stop at in order to see family over the holidays!! But were no longer home!
Even after the kids came along whenever we say "it's at home, let's go home, wait till i get you home" (hehe) and other home orientated dialects we are referring to the place we currently live in with the kids!
So while to some the bricks and mortar are their home, their place in the universe that makes their family complete, i guess it is not he same for me. I think for me home is and always has been the one place where those i love are. If they are with me then i am home.
Of course this does bring the dilema of where will home be when the kids grow up and leave home!! But i am more than happy to wait to find that out!

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