Friday, 15 August 2008

Your week is up...give 'em back!

Well tomorrow the silence will be broken, there will be bags on the floor to trip over and noise, blessed noise!! Yep, i survived the week and i am going to get my kids back :D I cannot wait!
The girls have been fine, they always are, they ring daily and tell me they love and miss me...then i hear all the things they have been up to and guess, they haven't missed me that much, but it's OK because they at least have the heart to tell me they have missed me!! David HAS missed me! I know this because he has phoned secretly with his mobile (thanks Dad it's been a lifesaver for my little guy.) to tell me he misses me and can't wait till Saturday!! I LOVE my son heaps!! he he.
I have missed them a lot but i have to say i have been quietly pleased to watch my favourite Olympic events in peace, without the who's who and what country are they from game!
I can't wait to see them though. And then tomorrow Becca gets her new guitar from Grandad (my Dad) so i have the camera ready for it!! She earned it this past year at school doing SO well in her Sat's so i really hope she has fun with it.
So now i am off to enjoy the last of the peace...while it's been lovely i am really looking forward to noise and laughter.

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Octamom said...

Hope you're enjoying having your crew back--and can't wait to see the guitar pictures!


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