Monday, 23 February 2009

The way to world peace.

Well nearly! We have been doing some work around the house today and this evening Dad told the kids they had been such a help that they could have a MacDonald's (not had one for months and months!). So they were really pleased! So after eating their meals they were offered a pudding! Both girls wanted an apple pie. But oh no there was only 1 (yep ONE) left. Who should have it, would on of them give in to the other? No way! They resolved it with 3 rounds of rock, paper, scissors! The girl at the counter thought this was great! So did i until they proudly told me that they both have the same crush at school! So on Sunday nights they r,p,s to see who gets to fancy him for the week!! If only every dispute could be solved like this!! They just made me smile.

Becky went to the Dr. again today. We are waiting on the coeliac results still, next is diabetes tests and then onto the paediatricians.

Have a great week.x


Holly said...

Lol that is so cute, and yes, it is a good way to resolve disputes! :P

Octamom said...

Love the new look--just darling!

Please keep me updated on sweet Becks--you're in my prayers--


Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

I love your new look! The rock paper scissors thing cracks me up! Good thing my twins are boy/girl!


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