Thursday, 19 February 2009

No answers but more questions.

And we have been given the ALL CLEAR with the blood tests, which in itself is GREAT news!

But (isn't there always one of them?) it does mean that Becky has to see the Dr again, this time on Monday morning at 10am.

Obviously i am ok delighted she got clear results..

...but a little niggle is in the back of my tiny, overactive mind now, what is making her lose 28lb in two weeks? She is eating well and healthily, still feels yukky after eating, but does want to eat. Still looks so tired at the end of the day and still only weighs in at a tiny 6 stone which is not near enough for her height of 1.55 metre!

Of course part of me thinks I'm worrying too much.. she'll be fine (won't she?). Part of me wants to give her chocolate, full fat drinks and lard a healthy balanced diet for every meal of the day. Part of me thinks I'm being over protective and should maybe let it go.
Am i worrying unnecessarily about her?

I think i mostly want a tangible answer to it all. Something i can try to understand, to deal with, and because i am her Mum, something i can make better.
I am scared I'm going to be told "We don't know why she is like this, but we will keep an eye on her" or "It's just the way she is."
She does not like feeling like this or being so tired and i do not like seeing her like this.


BaronessBlack said...

You see, this is why you're called a "patient" when you deal with Doctors!
It's hard, but I think it's always better to know. Even if what you're finding out is that no-one else knows either!
Does a change in diet help? Or is it the same no matter what she eats?
Thinking of you often!

Gill said...

We cut oout dairy..then wheat things and no change :S Thanks for thinking of us though :)

Boy Mom said...

Bless your hearts, I've found myself thinking of your darling Becky when I wake at night. I can't even imagine what you must be feeling.

I have two nieces with childhood diabetes. They had similar symptoms. Lots of prayers are headed your way.


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