Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Happy Birthday to my lovely man!

Yes indeed it is Rich's **th birthday today!! (Even i am not daft enough to post his age which is a bit different from mine!).
Hope you have a great day off with the kids and I. We have opened presents and will be cake baking shortly!

But before our day even began Becky and I were at the doctors getting her bloods taken. She was so good! She laughed and smiled all the way through, was fascinated by the vials filling up! And bless her heart even managed to thank the nurse on the way out!! haha yup "Thanks for stabbing me in the arm and drawing my blood before i have even had breakfast!" Gotta love a pre teen with a sense of humour!
And guess what? Yep i was allowed to take my camera! So being the caring loving Mum i am i took the mickey out of her, laughed at and with her and kept her laughing while i took pics of this special moment we were sharing. And since we are sharing here you all go...(I'd hate to think you were left out in all this!)...

Going in..
Drawing the bloods (she found this amazing and funny!!)All over!
Results should be back for Thursday so i will be sure to keep you all posted.


Boy Mom said...

Catching up on your last posts, don't know where I've been.

Sorry to hear about your bad week. Laughing at Hubby, just a little, no matter what goes wrong with our car it's my fault. Husbands, sigh!

So sorry for Becky, love, love, love, both girls names, I hope they find out what is going on quickly and it is manageable. I'm streaming some prayers your way.

Congrats on new job, would love more details.

Didn't know you had lost a little one, so hard. My BFF and I carried my #5, her #3 together Our due dates were 3 weeks apart, She lost her little boy 3 weeks before his due date. We both still miss him. My heart goes out to you.

BaronessBlack said...

Sending positive vibes to Becky.
Although as a former phlebotomist (Vampire)I can see she was in good hands. Always pleased to see black needles being used - it's a technical thing!
Here's hoping for some good news fast!

BoufMom9 said...

Oh poor dear becky. i will certainly keep her in my prayers and hope that you will find out soon what is going on with her.

What a brave girl to laugh during the needles.

Ron said...

happy birthday to Rich .. prayers for Becky .. happy thoughts for the rest of y'all

miruspeg said...

Gill you must have passed your sense of humour onto Becky.
When I donate blood I don't like to look when the needle goes it. Fancy Becky finding it funny.

I sure hope they find out very soon why she is losing so much weight...I would be frantic with worry. So I am sending over healing thoughts full of light.



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