Thursday, 16 October 2008

Coolest teacher EVER!!

I went to parent teacher night this evening with Davids' teacher Mr.W.
David has settled well into his new school! Mr.W can't figure out Davids favourite subject "because he tries so hard in all of them!" WOW i am so proud of my little guy! His work is much better this year (in my humble opinion anyway - the quality and quantity) and he is "a lovely, pleasant, kind and honest member of the class!" He has to start using conjunctives in his work now!
His teacher is also having him tested for dyslexia as he can spell really well verbally but when writing gets all the right letters in the wrong order, so we need to see is he is dyslexic or if his brain and thought processes are too quick for his hand! Either way we will be able to help him with some strategies with it all!
He has made some good friends, who are nice children and Mr.W is pleased with the friendship they all have:)
And to top it off, the Lunchtime Ladies have put his name forward to sit on the TOP TABLE next Friday - this is the good behaviour table, they have a name place and a V.I.P tag :) He is so pleased!
I honestly think all of this is in part the fact that his new school is smaller, and he is responding so well to having a male teacher!
So all in all a great start for my guy, i could not be more proud of him right now!!


Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Yeah, that is wonderful! I'm so glad to hear things are going well, and I'm sure your heart is full to bursting.


mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

That's awesome. It's great to see that your little ones are thriving, and you've gotten it right!!

Jen said...

What WONDERFUL news!! Way to go David!! It has something to do with Mommy too. Don't forget to take some credit to. :) He isn't even my son, but I am just grinning ear-to-ear and almost cheer out loud right now reading this.

Keep up the GREAT work, David!

Octamom said...

So. so thrilled he is doing well in the new school and is learning and enjoying the process--awesome!

Thanks so much for your prayers and good wishes for 7 of 8--and can't tell you how much I wish my voice had the incredible British accent I bet yours does! ;o)


AVT Coach said...

Hi Gil, So glad to hear your little guy is having such a great experience. Kudos to you for helping him get there! I am sorry I have not posted on your site in a while. My Blogger Follow "thingy" was not showing me your recent posts. I had to delete it and sign you up again. Hopefully I am on now and can keep up with you easier. Congrats to you and your son!


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