Saturday, 11 October 2008

Salisbury Cathedral & Lake Garda...

So my beloved eldest is in Salisbury today (approx 1 - 2 hours away) with the school choir. They are singing in Salisbury Cathedral to help celebrate their 750th anniversary:

The Cathedral!

The children are singing Stari Most a song about a bridge in Bosnia. The song was created for their school to celebrate it's Specialist Music status. Afterwards they are going to Pizza Hut for tea with their teachers!

The Stari Most Bridge.

I also got a letter this week congratulating Rae on getting into the gifted and talented singers choir and that the school wish to take those children to Lake Garda (Italy) next summer where they will do tourist days out and evening concerts! It's only £540 so we have said yes she can go.

Becca has been asked by Mr.S, the head of music, to join the choir at school too as she has "a great voice" which he reiterated to me this morning when i dropped Rae off! So both my girls have voices of angels (sure not from me!). So wonderful to see them both doing so well :)

David is off to the British Museum this week to help his learning of the Egyptians...despite the fact we took him there last summer LOL!! He loves Egypt which is pretty lucky i guess! haha.

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Jen said...

What a beautiful Cathedral! And their 750th anniversary, that is just hard for me to grasp being from the United States. Some day I hope to make it over to grand ol' England to check out some of those great old structures - such history!!
What a great opprotunity for Rach! I hope she has a camera that she can take with her and maybe she could come guest blog about her experience when she returns. I would LOVE to hear all about it!
Congrats to Becca! Woohoo!! Two little songbirds in your family :)
Hope David had a great trip to see the Egyptian display.


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