Monday, 13 October 2008

The seasons are a changing!

Well my good friend Octamom has posted about her favourite season...Fall! Well ladies and gents i too am an Autumn person (Fall, to those of you on the other side of the pond!).
So why am i an autumn person? Well like Octamom I was born in the Autumn, all 3 of my children are Autumn babies (not planned that way but hey it works for us!) and i just love everthing about the season.
I grew up in Germany mainly as a child where the nights are colder, crisper where there are more colours around you than you should see on trees, where the frost settles on cars early in the morning, so too the grass and wooden fences. The morning air is so cold it almost hurts your lungs to breathe too deeply. But the things i love the most about this season of changes are the smells. Wet damp leaves on the ground squelching underfoot. Dry leaves that just beg to be kicked or thrown into the air and the musty smell that comes with their fall around you. Raking piles of multicoloured leaves into piles just to run into them! The smell of turnips, swede and pumpkins! The hot meals that warm you through after a full days play!
Days that lead you into biting snowy winters. Days that demand every sense be given up to the sights and smells the season has to offer! That my friends is why for me every year without fail i love the Autumn!
Whats not to love!

p.s took David to the Dr....he is (in the Dr's own words) PERFECT! We even have a stickit signed and stamped by the Dr that says "David is Perfect!" Photo tomorrow!! He is a "perfect" happy boy! ( hate to say i told him so, but..nuh nuh!!)


Jen said...

I am an Autumn Gal too! Bonfires, hayrides, all the colors, playing in the leaves, crisp breezes, sweaters and jeans...ahhhhh :) I'm hoping to talk my husband into doing some driving this weekend to look at and take pictures of the beautiful leaves.
Great news from the doctor...just as expected. Hope that is making David feel better. Great idea for the stickit signed and stamped by the Dr.

*Thank you for the kind, encouraging words on my blog. You are such a sweet and caring friend. *HUGS*

Octamom said...

Yeah! Another Autumn girl!

And so glad that your doc backed up what we already knew, that David is just perfect!!



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