Friday, 31 October 2008

Is three years too long?

Don't you just love being a girl? No nor me!! LOL
After David was born i was sterilised (health reasons and the fact that if i hadn't been i would be w-a-a-a-y ahead of even Octamom!!). Prior to his birth we lost a child during pregnancy and i also had huge cysts on my ovaries! Well nine years, four operations and very few *star* weeks later my Dr. is sending me for a scan to see whats going on this time LOL!
So i asked, if there is a problem can i have said ovary removed? PLEASE! He has told me he would recommend it! yipee! I know i am (oddly) too young to have the whole lot whacked out but this is a good starting point! All this because i went for a smear (*yuk i know*) on Tuesday and the nurse said i had to go see him!
She then said she would see me for my next smear in three...YES THREE years! I frowned and said no i will see you next year!
When she asked why i prefer (such a bad choice of word!) to go annually, i told her that the rest of europe go annually. My German Dr. told me, "the day after a clear result your body could start making cancerous cells, waiting three - five years for a smear is not giving yourself much of a chance to fight it". The nurse was amazed that europe do it like this! I was amazed that the UK don't!
While it is not the most fun i will ever have with no trousers on, it might just save my life one day.
So readers i got to often do you go in your country? Is it enough? or is it just the penny pinching UK government/ NHS putting us gals at higher risk?


Jen said...

Even though I hate going, I go every year. I have heard that if you are under a certain age and have a few negative tests, you are ok to go a few years between...but I am with you! I would much rather go through the yucky, but quick experience every year and increase my chances of making if they every do find cancer!! I know the quicker they find it, the better your chances!

Please keep us updated as to when your surgery will be. Will be praying for you. I actually have a friend that goes in this December to get it all removed and she is only in her mid-20's! Thankfully they have already had their 3 kids and had decided not to have any more.

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

In the US we are scheduled for once a year. I've never heard of 3 years, good for you to stand up for your health!

mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

3 years is WAY too logn! In the US it's once a year. I'd stick to that.


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