Saturday, 4 October 2008

Letting off some steam with her pals!

Bex BFF in the "Universe" is 12 today "Happy Birthday Hazz!" and had a disco to celebrate! Now bearing in mind all the kids went off to different schools in the area and now have new friends etc Hazz decided that she wanted to get all her last years classmates together for this shindig!
They had a great time - and it was so good to see Bex let her hair down and have some clean old fashioned fun, just hanging with her buds! So here are the pics of the best October beach Party!

The three amigos!

Rockin to Nickelback!!

Dancing together!
The entire class of '07!


Octamom said...

Okay now how much fun is that?!? SO glad she's having some fun, given the events of the past week! Yea for her!!

Glad you liked 8 of 8's milk goatee!!


Jen said...

What perfect timing for the party! Looks like Bex had a great time...something that I know she needed. I was giggling that it was a "disco" and they played Nickelback :) Not te sort of "disco" music I remember ;)

Btw, I have been meaning to tell you that Rach's comment on my new haircut made my day. I don't think I have ever been considered "funky" or even cool :)

Octamom said...

Glad to see you over at my place today--and you're right-sometimes it just seems easier to walk away--and as Suburban Correspondent said, does stand with some people really even make a difference? But I will say, that was what I appreciated about M's response in this particular situation--he was silent and then he walked away, not giving this guy a 'reward' for his poor humor, not giving the guy the attention he was seeking---

Hope your week is going well!



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