Friday, 26 September 2008

Will 24 hours make a difference?

I am going to have to think long and very hard about my next post!
It's a bullying / resloving/ interfering kinda post with less of a twist but more an acute angle. Right now I am a cross, ANGRY, upset Mamma and i'm quite ready to tear heads off bodies and hurt some people who have dared to hurt one of my babies. So please stick with me while i gather my thoughts and try to calm down, be rational and post a fair recount of events this past week!!

*Please Lord - one peaceful, non-eventful's all i ask!*

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Octamom said...

So sorry--it's so tough when the Mama Bear is awakened. Hard to know how to respond, hard to know how far to take it. You're wise to take a breath and evaluate what you need to do--praying here for you for wisdom and calm and the ability to issue a strong response. Hang in there...



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