Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Little Guy is 9!

So today is the last day i will have a child in single figures! Yep the little guy turned 9! And what a day its been!!
He woke at 6am (quite a decent time really when i think how excited he has been!!) and opened his presents!
I collected him from school to be told...
"I answered a question RIGHT today and got sent out!" (i am slightly perplexed but anything is possible so i go ahead and "ask"..)
"Oh ok, so what was the question??"
"What do girls use more than boys?" (With a due sense of fear and dread i ask..)
"What was your answer, baby?"
He smiles at me like only a 9 year old, youngest of 3, only boy can and said
While i feel he was correct i explained whilst stiffling much laughter that it was not an entirely appropriate answer ...but was the correct answer??
"Well Mum it was really boooring...... Hair Straighteners...I like my answer better!"
I had to laugh bless him! Welcome to being 9!
Still upon meeting his teacher i was pleased to hear that David is well and trully one of the gang, he has a reading age of 11.6 years and works well in class, can be talkative but "is just a nromal kid!" I am so proud of him! Mr.W thinks that David is a delight to have and he is doing really well.
So we get home to more parcels and cards!
He had quite a haul! Even got the new Man Utd 40th Anniversary shirt that only came into the shops yesterday!! Lots of star wars lago, and mp3 player, warhammer (from Uncle Lee..the GOD!!), notebooks, pens, more, gift vouchers....dressing gown and two new horrid henry books!

the warhammer tank thing (i know all the names LOL)

The Man Utd Shirt!

Reading the cards!

The Dressing Gown!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday, David! (sorry I'm a little late.) Sounds like he had a wonderful day...minus having to be sent out. Oh my lands that sounds like something I could see Drew doing! Thankfully no older sisters for Drew to learn too much from though. lol I must say that David's answer was much more entertaining. :) How in the world did you keep from busting out laugh??!! So good to hear how great he is doing in school now -- there is hope from Drew!! :)

AVT Coach said...

This post was fun! He sounds like such a funny guy and 9 is my favorite age for boys. They are still huggers, they like having conversations, they can act silly but they can also be serious. And did I say they still give hugs!
Have a fun year 9!

Octamom said...

M is SO jealous of the Manchester United shirt! He's an Arsenal and Chelsea man himself, but admires a cool opposing jersey when he sees it!!!

Happy, happy b-day, David!!! Looks like he got some great loot!

So glad you liked my organizational efforts (hee-hee) glad to know I'm not the only one who falls for 7's Sad Green Eyed Super Powers....


Octamom said...

Thanks so, so much for your encouraging comments on 7--and yeah, face lift would be nice, but a guilt lift feels good too!
Thanks too for sharing about your PND w/2. Don't know why--but it's always nice to know I'm not the only one to have struggled with certain emotions--



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