Thursday, 25 September 2008

Rugby, Singing and Drama!

OK i know only two of them go together! I have to mention all of them though!
Rachel is hoping to be taken to Lake Garda in Italy next year for the school gifted singers choir! She is delighted! She is also auditioning for the school show of Bugsy malone - as is Bex. The same Bex who starts rehearsals for The Wizard of Oz this Sunday 10am till 4.30pm every Sunday till Christmas when she goes the theatre in Guildford to do the show! Tickets are booked ;)
Bex also played Rugby today for the school and was asked if she can stay till 4.30 as it will improve her game and help her get a place on the girls first team :) She is delighted with this news - and cannot wait till next Thursday to practise again!
So not only are my weekday evenings busy but now i lose 2 hours on Sundays driving her to and from Guildford so Bex can dance and act and do her thing! Good job she is good at what she does and will hopefully one day be able to pay for me to be in a really nice home!!!

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Octamom said...

Wow, girl, sounds like you're on the road a lot--but good for you and your girlie girl--I bet she's going to do so well!!!

Glad you liked our homeschool fashion show--the funniest part is that it is a true show of what it looks like around here on any given day!!



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