Tuesday, 23 September 2008

She is the darndest kid!!

Which one? Oh Becky of course!!
I am the kind of Mum that bats for her corner all the way. So why oh why does she insist on being the reason for my grey hair? She will put me in an early grave i swear!!
This evening as i am helping with the homework (a chore she hates and cannot understand why she has to do it), and trying to make it painless. I look across at her and ask
"Why did William win the battle of hastings?"
"Because Prince Harold suuuuuuucked!" was her reply!!
So we are done with homework and all French european words are memorised, DT is done as is History. She looks at me and says
"Mum, can you have a word with my Religious Ed teacher?"
"Why whats up?" I ask totally unsuspectingly (more fool me!!)
"Well she asked what we wanted to be when we grow up and would it have perspective."
"and you said?" I ask (still totally impartial and ready to offer any help i can!).
"I want to be a CATERPILLAR and YES it will have perspective because some people wont want me to eat their plants!, My teacher sent me outside after that!"

So i would like to opt out of parent teacher night for her this year, I am scared what they may say!LOL. On another note though, Rachel has been invited to sing with the school choir at Salisbury Cathedral on Oct 11th to celebrate their 750th anniversary! Very cool!

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Jen said...

Oh man! I can so see my little guy doing something like this some day. Especially since he seems to have a very vivid imagination. Here you get one through their difficulties at school, and then you are faced with new ones. So it the life of a parent :) Thank goodness for stable Ms. Rachel (congrats to her!!). *HUGS* Hang in there...as a very wise woman once told me..."This too shall pass." *HUGS*


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