Thursday, 4 September 2008

Back to school blues!

So the kids are back to school. Well two of them are anyway! I took these photo's for the grandparents!! Rachel hates hers but i think that is her age! The last one of David is "the hair" and how it was when he left this morning!
I am sure i am one of the only parents that hates seeing them go back to school! It hasn't helped that the youngest two started new schools today.
I watched Becca walk away with her friend, off up the hill and can admit i had a small tear in the eye, i was not too bad as i knew she had a friend and is the sort of kid to just get on with it..and if i am really lucky she wont have let her mouth get her a detention on day one!
David was another story! He is a fairly quiet little man and will watch for a while before making judgements on who he might like to have as a friend. He is reserved and insular at times. So i waited with him. He seemed tiny again. And i really felt my heart strings pulling as a waited with him. I went over where i would meet him and where to look for me. Then before he went inide i asked if he wanted me to kiss him (sometimes it's just NOT cool, i get that!) and he looked up at me with his huge brown eyes and said "yes please Mum"...four paces later my poor friend is handing me a tissue from the same pack she had used when we watched the girls go off!
I couldn't look back to see him..if he saw me crying he'd get upset, so my poor mate had to give a running commentary on how he lined up and went inside and that he was okay!
So now i am looking forward to 5 past i can collect him, hold his hand and ask how his day was. And tonight we bake and my boy. Becca will be on msn with her buddies like usual.
So please 3pm come fast cos i want my kids back!

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Octamom said...

They look so spiffy in their uniforms! Sorry it was so tough to see them back off to class--

Here's to a great year of learning for them!

Glad you liked 3/8 pic with 7--he's such a good big brother!!

Any news on Tasmania?


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