Tuesday, 1 July 2008

An amazing report and more music!!

It is absolutely and utterly silly season in our house! The last few weeks of the school year always are but this year seems to be busier than usual!

Rachel has been given a solo in the Basingstoke Live music festival...the school group are the headlining act on opening night :) Very cool!
She is also going to be going around the local Alton schools with a small "classroom" orchestra playing her flute! They will be playing on Friday this week at the Alton Buckle, at Anstey Park.
I honestly do not know how she keeps going at times!
We got her school report last week! WOW we could not be more proud of her! A straight A* student! All the teachers tell us she is a delight and a joy to teach - for absolutely every subject! Not one says "could try harder" or anything like that! Her head of year said her report "was one of the best he'd seen all year!"
So for all the heartbreak a year ago of her not going to boarding school, for all the fact she could have just not bothered because things didn't go the way we thought they would, she has not let her standards drop! She has continued to strive for good grades, and made some great friends. I am so very proud of my daughter. She is just amazing, i never dreamt she would achieve all the things she does!


Lee said...

Oh this is wonderful! My girls have just had similar reports, so I know how proud you are feeling! It's a great feeling! And a credit to YOU!

Lady divine said...

off topic - how's your hand now? better?dbxmoy


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