Monday, 23 June 2008

End of term madness strikes again!

It seems that the last few weeks of any school year have got to be manic. I am never allowed to ease my way into the 6 week holiday but my feet just don't hit the ground!

has been selected as one of 35 kids from her entire school of 900 kids to be part of the Basingstoke Live Music Festival! She is going to be having music tuition from a man called Paul Griffiths "a hugely talented and inspirational guitarist" according to the letter! She is having 3 lots of 5 1/2 hour sessions, one 2 1/2 hour session and 2 shows of 4 hours. I am so proud that she has been selected for this and she is pleased she gets to miss some lessons! LOL! If i can take photos i will!!
She also has 2 music exams coming up and a singing grading! She has the school council dinner to look forward to and has just been in the school summer music concert!
The school choir.She's in the middle somewhere!

Playing in the Jazz Band.(First child!!)
has had one of her afternoons at Amery Hill and was most disgusted to find she had homework. "I'm not even a pupil there yet and already i have homework!"
She has been offered music lessons in the electric guitar! Good Ol' grandad is helping out with that purchase! Thanks dad!

is looking forward to moving to his new school in sept - Anstey Juniors! Is loving his swimming lessons. And has just invested in his first skateboard! LOL! He is still warhammer mad and talks non stop...lucky for me - he talks mostly to Dad!! hehe.
He is excited about Becky getting her guitar so she can help him with his!

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Lee said...

Still can't get my head around you guys finishing your school year in June! LOL

Congrats to Rachel, that's wonderful news and I'm sure it's well deserved. I hope her exams go well too.

LOL on the homework for Becky, it's just the start!

I hope you all have a wonderful school hoildays!

What's happening on the Australia front, no go?


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