Sunday, 20 July 2008

My poor little guy!

There has to be a downside to being the only boy in the house, the youngest of 3 and not sharing a room with anyone. Well today i felt for him!
It began yesterday, the girls and I had a great time re arranging their bedroom, sorting rubbish, old clothes and changing the room around...its more pre-teen now. We had such fun doing it and it it looks great and gives them way more room to do their thing in!
So it's all sparkly and tidy in there! As i am having a bit of a lay in with Rich i overhear the girls put a movie on their tv/dvd player. Then a little conversation goes like this..
D: Can i come in a watch with you?
B: NO! Get out.
D: I only want to watch, i wont make a mess.
B: No you can't come in.
D: (sadly) Ok. I will be in my room if you change your mind!

That would have been enough for me to let him in!! LOL Poor guy! I had to call him to my room for a cuddle. He went off and played with his lego till we got up! I think a tv in his room is next on the with a timer LOL!!

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Octamom said...

Poor guy--3 of 8 is our oldest boy and in the years when he had 3 sister s and no brother yet, he would often bemoan his lot in the family! I bet the day will come, though, when your little guy is very happy to not have to share a room!!!


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