Saturday, 19 July 2008

Creative time!

Well with the cast finally off (maybe a bone graft in October time but that can wait!) I am now free to let the creative juices flow again...they would flow way better if work didn't keep getting in the middle of my day! I have obviously been to scrapblog (see right side of blog!). But i even managed to put paint and photoshop on and make some layouts! So much easier with my left hand on the mouse and not my clumsy right hand! So i hope you like them:


Octamom said...

Your header looks so great and the photo layouts are awesome! So glad you are healed up and back to your south paw self! ;o)

Thanks for the comment of Cast of Players on my 'wee' family-ha! Isn't is amazing how kids can be from the same family and yet so different? Do you see that with yours?

Can't wait to check out your new scrapblogs--

Gill said...

oh yes! I have 2 pink and a blue. Oldest is 12, middle is 11 and "baby" is 8. They could not be more different. Oldest is the academic, quiet peacekeeper, number 2 is the drama queen, loves the limelight and will never be a victim, the glue among my kids, she olds them together! And baby is shy and quiet in a new situation but happy and confident at home!

Lee said...

Oh I am loving your new blog banner Gill and tose layouts are gorgeous, I particularly love the top one, just gorgeous!

A bone graft?!!! What? Oh I hope you don't need to have that, it sounds so serious! Sending healing vibes your way!


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